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Rutherford College Walking Netball Team

This term a bunch of staff (and ex-staff) led by Ms Koloni got together to form the Rutherford College Walking Netball Team, RC Clan and what a great success it was. Our team had a big variety of members, from people who have played netball in their youth, so they knew what they were doing, to people that have never played any netball and had no idea how to catch a ball.

For 8 weeks we laughed lots, we learnt lots and we put our best effort to win. We didn’t win any prizes this season, but we did win a few games and made Rutherford proud.
Next season starts on the 29th of October and most of the original team will keep playing, this time we will be led by Ms Bakker.

We play every Monday at the Waitakere Netball courts.

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