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Rutherford Concert Band Workshop

On Friday, 22 June, Rutherford’s Concert Band had been given the advantageous experience of having a skill and team building workshop right here in our own music department. Led by none other than the prestigious Chad Davenport our Woodwind itinerant tutor, students were able to spend the day learning new musical and technical skills in preparation for the upcoming KBB music festival competition which will be taking place in August.

We were privileged enough to have sectional mentoring sessions from our very own itinerants and music teachers. As well as Chad Davenport (Woodwind itinerant), we were lucky to have Anna Cooper (Flute itinerant), Norman MacFarlane (Brass itinerant), Aiono Manu Faaea-Semeatu (previously HOD Music) and our TIC Music Mrs Taula.

Rutherford’s Concert Band has had a huge influx of new arrivals to the group this year, which provides the potential for both current and future development. Being a leader within the band this year has enabled me to get alongside and be involved in the lives of my peers in our school, and to train them up to be the future leaders of the band in the years to come.

Students involved in Concert Band may sometimes go unnoticed, however, their hard work and long days spent in the music room on Friday afternoons has definitely paid off. As well as preparing for KBB, Rutherford’s Concert Band has built a commendable reputation not only within the school, but in the local communities of West Auckland from the recent performance at the Te Atatu Library. Mr Davenport and Mrs Taula have high hopes for KBB this year – Mr Davenport has eagerly been investing his time to ensure that all students reach their full potential come competition time.

Although the Term 2 holidays is hastily approaching, every individual Concert Band member has motivated themselves and each other to hold on and give every rehearsal their best.  Four pieces may not seem like a lot, but in order to achieve the best performance possible, there is a lot of commitment and dedication to practice required. A quote that stood out to me personally is found along the walls of the music room:

‘To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable’ – Beethoven.

It’s a busy time for all our students and faculty members involved with Rutherford’s Concert Band, but this quote serves as a reminder that we never lose sight of why we joined Concert Band. The days may seem tough when we are giving up time we don’t always have to rehearse; but rather than just focusing on getting the rewards, achievements, and recognition, we aim to play with a passion. We are music students after all, and being a student of the Arts it’s safe to say from experience that all the effort, time, and hard work put into what we show the audience – it’s definitely worth it.

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