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RYDA Road Safety Education Programme

All Year 12 students enjoyed a series of educational workshops at the Trust Stadium on June 5. The interactive sessions covered the physics of speed and stopping, analysing how their own personalities influence their manner of driving and gaining the perspective of other road users, such as truck drivers and cyclists.

The students gained critical information and strategies that cannot come from driving lessons alone and learned to identify crash factors, in order to minimise the risk. Our students were particularly moved by an address from Kelly Munford, who miraculously survived a near-fatal crash after she fell asleep at the wheel eight years ago. The story of her rebuilding her physical and emotional wellbeing struck a real core with our participants and they honoured her with the Rutherford haka at the end of the day.

RYDA was sponsored by Henderson Rotary, NZ Steel, Bridgestone Tyres, AMI insurance, and BOC Gas so it was free for students to attend, but the lessons they learned were invaluable.
Our students were impeccably behaved throughout and it was so rewarding to get follow up emails from the organisers, complimenting me on the conduct of our participants.

In addition to such positive feedback, Erin Bagsic in 12 BU won a $50.00 pressie card for entering a competition!

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