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Scholars’ Assembly 2018

At today’s ceremony students were acknowledged for achieving NCEA Levels 1, 2 or 3 endorsed with either merit or excellence in 2017. This means that a minimum of 50 of the credits attained are at merit or excellence level. We also acknowledge today those who gained individual subject scholarships.

Merit endorsed certificates will receive a silver academic Kotuku Badge and those endorsed with excellence will receive the higher award; a blue academic Kotuku Badge. Success in a scholarship is recognised with the awarding of a scholars tie and names being added to the roll of honour.

Of the 2017 Year 11 class, 56.4% of students got at least 50 credits at merit or excellence level at Level 1. Although not as good as the record set by the 2016 cohort it does indicate once again that a high proportion of students are striving for personal excellence.  Endorsement at Level 1 is ahead of the national average for both merit and excellence endorsements.

At level 2, 43.3 % of students endorsed with either merit or excellence. Once again this compares positively to the national averages where we are ahead at both merit and excellence endorsement levels. At Level 3, 49.3% endorsed with either merit or excellence.

This result was a best for a Rutherford cohort, and was also above at both merit and excellence when comparisons are made against national statistics.

2017 Special Awards

Kia Manawanui Trophy and Award is for a Maori student who has through perseverance, determination, persistence and dedication strived for and achieved personal excellence. This award is kindly donated by Leigh Grace and the recipient receives $100 and a wonderful trophy.

This year the Kia Manawanui award goes to Caleb Smith.

Filifiliga Lelei Award is for a male and female Pasifika student who have strived 100% to be the best that they can be academically. This award is kindly donated by the Palamo family and is worth $150 for each student.

This year’s recipients are Shantel Leota and Samuel Price.

Subject Scholarships

To obtain an individual subject scholarship requires finishing in the top 3% of that subject. All of these students will receive a one off $500 award from NZQA or if they get two scholarships, $1000. Congratulations to all 16 successful individual scholarship candidates who between them shared 21 subject scholarships.

Leo Ballantyne | Media Studies | Ms Betanzo

Katie Gordon | Classical Studies | Mr Carroll-Maher

Tanvi Kemkar | Biology | Ms Goulding and Miss Butler-Shaw

Rex Kennedy | English | Ms Conde

Kelly Luo | Design and Visual Communications | Mr Thompson

Hannah Marriott | Dance (Outstanding | 2nd equal in NZ) | Miss Exeter

Morgan O’Loughlin | Statistics | Mr Stanton

Dimitar Pljackov | Design and Visual Communication | Mr Thompson

Liana Sabetian | Dance (Outstanding | 1st in NZ) | Miss Exeter

Tyla Sutherland | Dance (‘Outstanding | 2nd equal in NZ) | Miss Exeter

Connor Tunnicliffe | Physics | Mr Thomas

Favour Ukah | Dance | Miss Exeter

Rawiri Hohepa | Calculus | Mrs Lim and Physics | Mr Thomas

Sang Hyun Kim | Calculus | Mr Brar and Chemistry | Mr Wade

Zara Osborne | Biology | Ms Goulding and Miss Butler-Shaw and Statistics | Mr Gopal

Reuben He | Biology (Outstanding) | Ms Butler- Shaw and Calculus | Miss Liu and Statistics | Miss Liu

Top Maori Scholars Year 11 Mollie Tagaloa | Year 12 Seth Schwalger | Year 13 Rawiri Hohepa

Top Pasifika Scholars Year 11 India Smith | Year 12 Ashna Prasad | Year 13 Liana Sabetian

Year 11 Top Scholars 1st Maggie Li | 2nd Jocelyn Qian | 3rd Rachel Jeung-McIntrye

Year 12 Top Scholars 1st Reuben He | 2nd Daniel Quach | 3rd Ashna Prasad

Year 13 Top Scholars 1st equal Rawiri Hohepa and Sang Hyun Kim | 3rd Connor Tunnicliffe

Congratulations to all our award winners.

Kotuku ki te rangi, We are Rutherford strong within a wonderful Te Atatu Community.

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