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Scholars’ Assembly – Celebrating Our 2018 Academic Success

On Friday, 15 February Rutherford held the 2019 Scholars’ Assembly.

Scholars’ Assembly recognises students who have achieved NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3 endorsed with Merit or Excellence in 2018. It also celebrates students that were successful in their scholarship examinations.

Our 2018 Year 13 students delivered wonderful results on their NZ Scholarship Exams.

Reuben He is one of only 46 students in New Zealand to receive an Outstanding Scholar Award. Reuben achieved six Scholarships with three of these within the “Outstanding” level. Reuben will receive $5,000 towards his tertiary study each year for three years.

Daniel Quach has earned a Scholarship Award, one of only 247 awarded in 2018. Daniel achieved four Scholarships and will $2,000 towards his tertiary study each year for three years.

Annabelle London is one of 34 students in New Zealand that attained a Top Subject Scholarship, coming first in New Zealand in Dance. Annabelle will receive $2,000 towards her tertiary study each year for three years. This is an amazing result for the Rutherford Dance programme and our dance teacher Perri Exeter who has taught five First in New Zealand Scholars since 2011. Jayda Butterworth who received an Outstanding level Scholarship in 2018 achieved second in NZ.

Also successful in their Scholarship Exams were Madeline Ion-Robinson – History, and Media Studies (O), Jayda Butterworth – Dance(O), Sanjani Deo – Media Studies, Deanna Li – Design and Visual Communication and Tiana Maihi – Health and Physical Education.

Top Maori Scholars
Year 11 – Tamati Hohepa
Year 12 – Tiana Hetet-Tangariki
Year 13 – Tiana Maihi

Top Pasifika Scholars
Year 11 – Akshana Singh
Year 12 – Josh Burte
Year 13 – Jayda Butterworth

Year 11 Top Scholars
1st – Benjamin Quach
2nd – Tilak Patel
3rd – Lara Craigie

Year 12 Top Scholars
1st – Maggie Li
2nd – Rachel Jeung-Mcintyre
3rd – Dean Phommahaxay

Year 13 Top Scholars
1st – Reuben He
2nd – Daniel Quach
3rd – Madeline Ion-Robinson

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