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Science is a way of investigating, understanding, and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe. At Rutherford our team of highly qualified, enthusiastic staff instil interest and passion in the subject by encouraging inquiry and critical thinking skills through practical and hands-on activities.

From Year 9 to Year 11 students follow a General Science programme which gives them a broad base of knowledge across the different learning areas within Science. This leads to specialised courses at Year 12 and 13 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Weekly tutorial sessions are run in the Info Commons on Wednesday after school to offer additional help and extension to any student that wishes extra one-on-one support.


Intro to Science Nature of Science
Plants Living World
The Periodic Table Material World
Light and Sound Physical World
Astronomy Planet Earth and beyond
Living Things Living World
Matter Material World
Energy and Heat Physical World


Force and Motion Physical World
Adaptations and Change Living World
Chemical Reactions Material World
Blood and Guts Living World
Earth Systems Planet Earth and beyond
Acids Material World
Electricity Physical World
Genetics Living World

Year 11 Science

There are three Science courses offered at Level 1 in Year 11.

Physical Science 11PHS

This course specialises in the Physics and Chemistry strands of Science. It is designed to give a solid grounding in these areas for students that plan to continue on with these Science specialties at Level 2 and Level 3. There is a greater focus on external assessment than internal assessment and the course is academically demanding. Students need to be achieving well in Year 10, averaging merit grades or above in their assessments to gain access to the course. Although the course does not cover any Biology standards it does not preclude entry into Level 2 Biology the following year. Students achieving outstanding grades in Year 10 can opt to do Level 2 Biology in conjunction with Physical Science

Science 11SCI

This course covers the Biology, Chemistry and Physics strands of Science and gives a broad general understanding of Science. It has an equal weighting of internal assessment and external assessment and is academically challenging, with one standard of each type covered in each of the three different strands. Success in the external components allows entry into any of the specialist Sciences at Level 2. To gain entry into this course, students need to be achieving in the majority of their assessments at Year 10.

Applied Science 11SCA

This course covers the Biology, Chemistry and Physics strands of Science and gives a broad general understanding of Science. There is a greater focus on internal assessments and it is particularly suited to students that achieve greater success with on-going work throughout the year. There is one external assessment in Biology, which allows entry into Level 2 Biology. Students in this course that wish to continue with Level 2 Chemistry or Physics can do so by entering additional external assessments in these areas. There are no prerequisite entry requirements from Year 10 to gain access into this course.

​Faculty Staff


Miss R Butler Shaw HOF LEAP, Biology
– ON Refreshment Leave for 2020
[email protected] 
Mr H Thomas HOF Science, Physics [email protected]
Mr D Wade Ass. HOF Science, TIC Chemistry [email protected]
Mr C Cartwright Science, Chemistry, TIC General Science [email protected]
Mrs A Goulding Science, Biology, Acting TIC Biology [email protected]
Mrs N Adams Biology [email protected]
Miss S Prasad Chemistry [email protected]
Miss E Cornforth  Assistant Principal, Biology, Science [email protected]/a>
Mr W Allison-Maxwell Science, Biology [email protected]
Dr A Singh Biology, SCT [email protected]
Mr M Graham Physics [email protected]
Mr N Rossin Year 9 Dean, Biology, Science [email protected]
Miss F Bridges Year 11 Dean, Science [email protected]
Miss H Liu Physics [email protected]
Miss T Bettridge Science Technician [email protected]
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