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Session with Breakers Basketball Coach

On Wednesday 11th May a handful of basketball boys were fortunate enough to participate in a training session with the Breakers development coach Rashid Al-Kareem. Coach Rashid ran us through many different drills that featured different parts of the game. We went through fast breaks, shooting, defensive scenarios and play making scenarios. These drills were effective in teaching us the game of basketball and we had fun playing basketball with the other boys. Our basketball session is starting up, so we will definitely take a lot of what Coach Rashid taught us and put it into our own game. I appreciated the time Coach Rashid put into the training session; all the boys looked like they were having fun while learning a few things along the way. This was a great experience and I for one learnt a new way of understanding the game of basketball. Shout out to Coach Rashid, thanks for an awesome session and many thanks to Fujifilm for giving our boys this great opportunity.

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