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Shrek the Musical a Great Hit with Turangawaewae

Shrek the Musical came to town on Thursday and Turangawaewae went to check it out.

What we got was an amazing performance by around 300 students – many very young; all incredibly talented.  Outstanding music, singing, costumes and staging made this a truly memorable experience.

It was funny – just ask Chatalia and Jasmine who laughed so loud when Shrek farted in the first scene. Yes that really happened! Lyriq and Mrs Mailley loved the wise-cracking Donkey and Marco thought the flaming dragon eyes were great.  Joshua watched and listened closely, finally giving the thumbs-up to Shrek when he did his solo. Shalveen got his dance groove going and Tauaa had a lovely grin on his face all through the show.

Shrek has an inspiring storyline about a life-changing journey and because it was put together with quirky characters, a sense of fun and very high levels of professionalism, we could not help but be impressed. The National Youth Theatre Company is be congratulated.

It is always so delightful to take the Turangawaewae students out and about. Their behaviours are the epitome all our school values and they made a very respectful and attentive audience.

Nga mihi.

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