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Tūrangawaewae Department

A well set-up specialised unit that is small enough to care for each and every individual and support Students with Additional needs.

Tūrangawaewae Department supports students who are funded through Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS), Accident Compensation Claim (ACC) or have High Health Needs. Keeping this in mind, all areas of the school are easily accessible. We have specialised toilet facilities. Individualised programmes for each student are supported by registered and Professional staff including Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Therapist. Our vision is to help our students develop specific, lifelong skills so that they can become independent, active members in their community and become contributing members of society. We provide Teacher or Teacher Aide support where required but believe in allowing our students the opportunity to develop their skills. We focus on functional and life skills based on Education Outside the Class.

Physical Activities

  • Physical Education programme within the department or mainstream.
  • Special Olympics – including athletics, football, tenpin bowling, basketball and bocce.
  • Participation in school athletics, swimming and sports days.
  • Hydrotherapy (as required).
  • Horse riding (as required).

Cultural Activities

  • Dance, Drama and Music
  • School Production
  • Ethnic cultural groups e.g. Maori, Samoan, Indian
  • Te Kotuku Kapa Haka Group
  • Maori and Pasifika celebrations
  • International Languages Week

Key Competencies

We provide numerous opportunities for students to develop the New Zealand Curriculum key competencies:

  • Managing Self
  • Relating to Others
  • Participating and Contributing
  • Thinking
  • Using Language, Symbols and Texts.

Individual Educational Programmes based on Structured TEACCHing programme

Tūrangawaewae Department provides:

  • Individually tailored learning programmes with in-class support either in the Department or partial/full mainstreaming for subjects in the wider school as appropriate.
  • Experienced teachers.
  • Our facilities are suitable for students with physical disabilities.
  • One-to-one and small group teaching.
  • Computers with excellent online educational support programmes or students can also bring their own digital devices.
  • Social Skills programmes.
  • Work Experience programme.
  • Regular feedback to parents through Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings. IEP goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (SMART) as per Ministry of Education documentation.

Pastoral Care

  • Regular liaison with parents and caregivers.
  • Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L) linked to Positive Behaviour Intervention Strategies (PBIS) to celebrate, foster and reward affirmative interactions.
  • Hearing, vision, intellectual and physical needs supported.
  • Specialist services – including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.
  • Health care provided by registered nurse on site.
  • Coordination and liaison for hospital appointments.
  • Support to access a wide variety of agencies – including CCS, Talklink, Taikura Trust, IDEA, ACC, Spectrum Care, Autistic Association, Wilson Home, Down Association, Cerebral Palsy Society.
  • Onsite Careers advice to support transition from school.
  • On behalf of our students, we lobby support of outside Transition Provides like Hohepa Transition and Geneva Elevator to empower our students to settle into the next phase of their lives.
  • Onsite counselling and guidance specialists available.
  • Ministry of Education taxi to school (as required).
  • Families assisted to obtain conveyance allowance where required.
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