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Sports at Rutherford College

Rutherford College has a responsibility to their students to provide the opportunity to grow by engaging in our extensive co-curricular sporting programme. We feel that being involved in Sports can lead to improved student outcomes in many areas.

At Rutherford students are given the opportunity to participate in sporting and recreational activities to learn new skills, improve skill levels and being able to enjoy the social fellowship from their chosen sport.

Participation opens doors for students to develop leadership, social and organisational skills through their involvement at whatever their level of competition. Sports can be an integral part of a student’s educational experience, and as a college we attempt to provide co-curricular sporting opportunities for all students who wish to participate.

Sportsmanship and fair play are important parts of this experience.

We expect our athletes, coaches, students, staff and parents to represent Rutherford College in a manner that is respectful of others both on and off the field of competition. It is our desire and goal that we strive to develop and practice the highest standards of courtesy, discipline, good sportsmanship, and the ability to act as good hosts and guests.

We look forward to working with you all in the sports arena in whatever area you may choose.​

Athletics Day 2019

DATE:                                     Wednesday 13th February

Please note this is compulsory to all students.

VENUE:                                   Rutherford College

Year 9 and 10 students are required to enter into a minimum of 3 events (1 track, 2 Field). Students dress in the allocated house colours. If students decide not to dress up, they are required to attend athletics day in their PE uniform.

This event is available to athletes who qualify from the school athletics sports day.

Western Zone Athletics Championships – held at The Trust Stadium, Henderson/Mt Smart Stadium – Wednesday 27th February

This event is available to athletes who qualify from the Western Zone Athletics Championships.

Greater Auckland Athletics Championships – held at Mt Smart Stadium, Tower Track – Wednesday 20th March



Athletics Champions 2018

Junior Girls – Emily Muspratt

Junior Boys -Prasan Gurunathan

Intermediate Girls – Kaila Ru

Intermediate Boys – Matthew Darrah

Senior Girls – Mollie Tagaloa

Senior Boys – Nathan Carretier

Western Zone Athletics 2018 –

After a hugely successful in house Athletics Day some outstanding talent produced a team of 40 students selected to Represent Rutherford College at the Western Zone Athletics Championships held at Mt Smart Stadium on Monday 5th March. Congratulations to the following students who achieved outstanding results on the day –

Emily Muspratt – 3rd 100m Sprint

Emily Muspratt – 2nd 200m Sprint

Emily Muspratt – 1st 300m Sprint

Hannah Taylor – 1st= High Jump

Nakita Ru – 3rd Place Shot Put

Kaila Ru – 1st Place High Jump

Kaila Ru – 3rd Place Shot Put

Kaila Ru – 2nd Place Discus

Kulukona Aho – 3rd Place Javelin

Zoe Taylor – 1st Place 200m Sprint

Zoe Taylor – 1st Place 100m Hurdles

Zoe Taylor – 2nd Place Long Jump

Mollie Tagaloa – 3rd Place 1500m

Joshua Larking – 1st Place 1500m

Ezra Feau – 3rd Place High Jump

Auckland Athletics Championships 2018 –

A group of eight students headed off to the very prestige Auckland Athletics Championships at Mt Smart Stadium on Wednesday 28th March. They individually qualified as a result of finishing top three at the Western Zone Athletics. The level of competition on the day was a record high although this didn’t get in the way of Zoe Taylor. Zoe claimed a top three spot in each of her three events – 1st 100m Hurdles, 1st in the 200m and 2nd in the Senior Girls Long Jump – an incredible achievement! Kaila Ru also claimed herself two places on the podium – 3rd in the Intermediate Girls Discus and 1st place in High Jump. Congratulations to all of the Rutherford Athletes – an incredible achievement to compete at an Auckland Athletics Championship – Emily Muspratt, Nakita Ru, Kulukona Aho, Mollie Tagaloa, Joshua Larking and Ezra Feau.




The Rutherford Archery team train on the school fields every Tuesday after school. Our team includes students from Year 9 -13, some trying an organised sport for the first time and others who are involved in numerous sports.

Archery is a great sport for those who are reluctant to join a team or feel that their physical fitness is not high enough. The equipment is all supplied, so parents do not need to purchase expensive gear.

All new archers improve very rapidly!

We run an in-house competition, competing against ourselves and others to improve and get the highest number of points.

Students wishing for high-level competition can currently join the Massey Archery Club, which runs many events for its members.

Robyn Butler-Shaw

Teacher In Charge – Archery

Start Dates:

Term 2 – Week starting 13th May – Week starting 1st July

Term 3 – Week starting 22nd July to Week starting 2nd September


Waitakere Badminton Hall, Royal Road, Massey


A& B Competition, Played on Tuesday

C & D Competition, Played on Thursday

Cost: $70.00 per player

This amount will appear on your school fees. If you are not in a position to do this, please contact us to work out alternative arrangements and a payment plan.

When you make this payment to the Accounts office please ensures that it clearly states what sports fee you are paying for. Badminton fees are to be paid by 19th May, If payment is not made immediately or a payment plan your Childs’ eligibility for involvement in Badminton will be placed in doubt.

All players who require transport each week are to meet at the main office straight after school on Thursdays.

Team Management:

All teams must have a teacher or adult with them at every game. If you are able to assistance with being a manager please contact me.

Shoes are to be white soled or non-marking.

Rutherford College Basketball has on offer 11 teams competing in 3 different grades. These grades consist of Junior, Under 17 and Open Girls and Boys. Our school competes in the Western Zone Competition held at the Trust Stadium and other venues. The top 2 teams from each Open Grade qualifies for the Greater Auckland Championship.

Playing days:

Wednesday evenings – Junior Boys, Open Boys  – Trust Stadium

Thursday evenings – Under 17 Girls, Junior Girls and Under 17 Boys


Various Venues

Cost: $90.00 per player (subject to change)

Sports Sweatshirts can be purchase at the Sports office at a cost $65.00. The purchase of the sweatshirts is not compulsory but we have subsidized them quite substantially.  Our aim is that you will want to share in the school’s aim to present our many varied teams in a smart and consistent manner across all the sports in which we participate.

All uniforms are to be worn with pride. You will be issued with a basketball tops that will be handed back after each game. If the uniform is not returned in the same condition it was issued then you will be charged full replacement cost of $100.00

Currently at Rutherford College we have two Mixed Teams that compete at the Auckland Secondary Schools Regatta held at Laku Pupuke, Killaney Park, Takapuna. Each crew consist of 20 paddlers, 1 sweeper and 1 caller. Anyone can join this non impact and non aggressive sport.

Regatta Date



Lake Pupuke, Killaney Park, Takapuna

Training Days

Every Wednesday

Every child is required to sign a “Safety an Acknowledgement and Waiver form”

If your require any information regarding equestrian please contact the sports office.


Boys – Saturday, either 9am or 10am or 12noon start
Girls – Wednesday, 4pm start


Home and away.

Girls – Transport to most away games will be provided by the school van. However, due to the number of teams that require transport on a Wednesday parental help may be required to transport students to some games throughout the season.

Boys – are expected to provide their own transport to and from all Saturday games.


A Football top will be provided.

Students must purchase Sports shorts and socks from the Sports department.

A long sleeved tee $55.00 or sweatshirts $65.00 are available to be purchased from the Sports Department. These are not compulsory but Rutherford would like to see all our sports teams wearing these. Please ensure you have the correct footwear.


$60.00 per player (subject to change)

Additional Costs

$30 shorts
$20 socks
Purchase from the Sports Office


Days & times will be advised when teams are selected. After school trainings will run from 3.30-5pm. Some teams will be required to train mornings.


Games will be played at various venues during the season.

Open B Girls Team- Plays Thursday

Open C Girls Team- Play Fridays

Open C Boys Team- Play Wednesday



May- September. (Term 2 and 3)


The students will be issued with a Hockey Unifom. White socks are to be worn.These can be purchased from the Spots Department. A long sleeved tee $55.00 or sweatshirts $65.00 are available to be purchased from the Sports Department. These are not compulsory but Rutherford would like to see all our sports teams wearing these.


The cost for each player for the Hockey season is: $160.00.(Subject to change)

This fee consists of Registration, Turf fess, and Umpiring.


Training will be held on Monday nights at 5.00pm-6.00pm at Waitakere Hockey Turf


Te Pai Courts Henderson
3131-35 Te Pai Pl, Henderson, Auckland 0610


Seniors- Play Tuesday Night

Juniors (Year 9 and 10) play Saturday Mornings

Due to the courts at Te Pai being all weather courts netball is very rarely cancelled.


The students will be issued with a netball dress. White socks are to be worn. A long sleeved tee $50.00 or sweatshirts $65.00 are available to be purchased from the Sports Department. These are not compulsory but Rutherford would like to see all our sports teams wearing these. Please ensure you have the correct footwear.


$120.00 per player (subject to change)


The Majority of coaches at Rutherford College are Student Coaches. Please recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches.  They give of their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your child so respect their decisions. No parent should be present at the half -time talk that the coach holds with their team members. As you can also understand every coach has their own style of coaching and parents should respect this, be supportive and recognize the value and importance of volunteer coaches. There is only ONE coach so please do not question their decisions in front of the team members.


To comply with College Sports and Waitakere Netball Association regulations we are required to provide an adult manager with every team entered into a competition. If we do not comply with this ruling the opposition can refuse to play against us and of course the ramifications of this are huge. The adult that is present isn’t required to be actively involved other than to supervise and assist if possible. The other reason for having a Manager present is that some situations can be diffused quickly by an adult rather than by the players.

It is one of our aims with sport at Rutherford College to instil the idea of commitment to teams and this involves in the students being at every practice, trial and game.


Home & Away




Boys $30 which covers team entry and transport

$30 shorts (purchase from the sports department)

$20 socks (purchase from the sports department)


A rugby jersey will be provided. Students must purchase school. Playing shorts and socks from the school sports department. Mouth guards are also available for $5 each.


School vans may be available for transport otherwise students are expected to arrange their own transport to and from games.



Various venues will be used. Squash Clubs throughout Greater Auckland Region


Games are on Monday’s at 4:15pm.



$50.00 per player (subject to change)


Your Child will be issued with a White polo shirt which is to returned at the end of the season. Sports Sweatshirts can be purchased from the sports department at a cost of $65.00.


If the venue for the match is at Club Physical, students will need to make their own way there to play at 4pm and be picked up at 5pm. If the venue for the match is at another squash club, the team manager will help organise transportation to and from the venue for the students playing.

Team Management:

All teams must have a teacher or adult with them at every game. If you are able to assistance with being a manager please contact me.

  • White-soled non-marking shoes must be worn.
  • Hats may not be worn on the courts during games.
  • Safety glasses are compulsory for Girls Open A & B and Boys Junior Novice. Any student in these grades not wearing glasses will forfeit their match.

​​​​​​​Playing Day:









Touch Uniforms will be issued. Uniforms will be collected by the Team manager on the last day of play. Full sports Touch uniform must be worn at all times.


Transport will be provided by means of the school van. Teams are to meet outside the sports office where they will transported to the venue.

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