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Sports Committee Leadership Day

On Friday, 31 January the 2020 Sports Committee was hosted by the Adventure Works team at Unitec who took us through a day full of excitement. We started off with a warm-up game which got us pumped up for the rest of the day.

We then had a go at three of the high rope activities, all of which there were a lot of laughs and a few shaky legs. After we had finished at the high ropes we played bonding games which implemented the values of communication, trust, support, and putting 110% of our energy into the task.

The Adventure Works team asked us what we value most as a team and to draw a flag or vest. We ended up walking away with a cape on a vest that represents the values we hold together as a committee.

We then moved onto our last activity, The Wall. We challenged ourselves to get all 22 of us over the wall in under 6 minutes and 30 seconds, to which we bet with a time of 5 minutes 15 seconds! I couldn’t be more grateful to bond with the committee through these activities and have the team at Unitec to learn from.

I’m looking forward to implementing the values we learnt into our committee this year.

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