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Sports Committee Leadership Day

On Tuesday, 2 February the Sports Committee attended a leadership day at Lake Pupuke.

This day entailed a range of activity-based learning where we complete challenges. This incredible opportunity was given to us to bond as a group and show each other our strengths and weaknesses within leading and the group itself.

As the day went on the Sports Committee bonded and was able to learn about each other’s different leadership styles and how we will be able to come together to run events within our community and school throughout the year.

One of the biggest highlights of the day for me would have to be the raft race, seeing the 2 teams struggle and succeed to build a raft with their differences. We also have an opportunity to play on the inflatable water world

What I learnt from the day is that the whole team will go down with the ship which almost happened many times. I would like to thank the leaders of Adventure specialties for opening our minds regarding teamwork – remembering there is no “I” in team. We learnt that every individual must take responsibility for developing knowledge about themselves.

This is where integrity is a key part!! Integrity means having an upright, honest and complete character.

Also many thanks to Gill, Dion and Nathan for organizing such a great day

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