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Sports Committee Leadership Day

On Monday, 24 January our Sports Committee team went to Adventure Works high Ropes for our team leadership day and bonding. We did several different activities that enabled us to get to know each other while having fun.

Everyone stepped out of their comfort zones to participate in each activity. One of the activities was climbing up a pole several meters high and jumping off trying to reach the trapeze, everyone had a go as the rest of our team belayed while encouraging each other while they were climbing up. This activity really pushed everyone out of their comfort zone but it was really cool to see everyone give it a go as everyone else cheered them on.

Throughout the day our team morale grew, in the beginning, everyone was a bit standoffish and hesitant but as the day went on and we had to work together to do different activities we really got to know each other and built our trust for one another. Overall everyone had a great day and we came out of it feeling confident moving into 2022 together.

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