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Sports committee Leadership day at UNITEC

On Friday the 26th of January, the sports committee were put to the test at Adventure Works in the Unitec campus. We took on the challenge with high hopes and confidence that we would get to know each other, And in the end We were a family.

We started off with getting to know the basics. This was done by games that involved us talking to people we never thought we would, getting out of our comfort zones and gaining trust in each other.
We were put in many situations that involved us being put under physical and mental stress, and had to problem solve to get us through these tasks. By splitting into groups with our peers who we didn’t know, we then had to propose ideas and converse with people we weren’t confident to share with. For example, we were put randomly into groups and given the objective to find our key values then share with the committee. Then as a group we chose 5 key values, which are our values for the year which we will always look on to. We feel as a committee, this is important because we have a common goal to work towards.

In the afternoon we were given the challenge of being pushed to our limits and going on the high rope course. Once again we were put into groups and our instructors taught us how to safely operate someone climbing and abseiling down the ropes. This meant we had to put trust in each other and communicate efficiently. As each of us climbed, we gained more confidence In our groups and were more comfortable with them.
As the year goes on, we hope to use the skills and knowledge we gained to bring us together and work as a team to the best of our abilities. We would like to thank our instructors and Adventure Works for having us and inspiring us to come together as a team.

“Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That is why it’s called the present.”


Written by Laura Robertson and Matt Darrah

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