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Sports Committee 

The main role of our Sports Captains and committee members is to promote the development of school sport and the well-being of our students. In planning and undertaking activities during the course of the school year, the students have the ability to consult with their peers in order to offer a wide range or sports and recreational activities. 

Sports Committee 2020

Sports Captains: 

TJ Devery

Eden Hatalafale


Adam McGruther

Paige Skinner

Committee Members:

Kane Epati, Brad Atwell, Jay Huggins, Joshua Siaki, Ryan Stanton, Jamie Callaghan, Dayton Henry, Lincoln Henry, Joseph Fraser, Awais Choudhary, Hayden Richard-Marsters.

Briana Puckett, Kaya Smith, Marissa Ogilvie, Paris Pickering, Camryn Orsbourn, Frances Kelly, Scarlett Ferrall, Darnae Brown, Chantal Fitisemanu. 


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