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Sports Committee

The main role of our Sports Captains and committee members is to promote the development of school sport and the well-being of our students. In planning and undertaking activities during the course of the school year, the students have the ability to consult with their peers in order to offer a wide range or sports and recreational activities.

Sports Committee 2022

Sports Captains: 

Paris Pickering
Luke Gibson


Cruz Clarke
Ryan Stanton

Committee Members:

Reece Wilson- Miha, Marissa Ogilvie, Emma Chapman, Elise Ibbott, Jess Pope, Paige Wilson, Jessica Williams, Lucy Ellis, Aneka McKinstry, Tamia Gascoigne, Lachlan Piercy, Josh Hewson, Joel Gibson, Lorenzo Pearce, Archie Bulloch, Timon Boyack, Josiah Bain, Riley Tivoli, Ezekiel Mate, Joel Tan

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