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Robyn Butler-Shaw

Teacher In Charge – Archery

Team Lists

Benjamin Quach
Brandan Tan
Samson Wen
Phonephet Phalouka

Rutherford 1:
Casey Boyce
Ted Rho
Gorman Chen
Annie Cheng
Ann Lowe

Rutherford 2:
Hayden Tan
Daniel Fang
Nguyen Anh
Pete Lin
Levi Gibson

Rutherford 3:
Gerry Feng
Daepung Lee
Oliver Gracewood
Petar Zdravkovic
Hsin-Chiao Huang

Rutherford 4:
Arian Chaudhary
Viet Phu Khuat
Luke Huang
Francisco Huang

Rutherford 5:
Aaron Tse
Josh Burte
Eric Zhang
Andrew Mom
Jonathan Brouwer

Rutherford 6:
Rebekah Felton
Amanda Lowe
Yang Huang
Sharn Kuraia-Pont

Rutherford 7:
Ching Sum Young

Amber Wong
Shivanisri MS

Rutherford 8:
Amiila-Celjana Chaston

Hollie Court
Alyssa Pulesea
Sophia Zhang

Rutherford 9:
Joel Tan

Sakyias Atkin
Mikayla Exler
Joy Jyung

Rutherford 10:
Dhruvsanjay Pathak

Avneel Deo
Jobe Tuafale
Eri Reddington

Rutherford 11:
Neha Mani

Nicole Potter
Vicky Varawa
Akansha Singh

Rutherford 12:
Filomena Waqatabu

Nayeon Kang
Patricia Tauro
Asma Uddin

Rutherford 13:
Alexis Tuazon

Zoelin Phakash
Lara Cragie
Olivia Summerhays

Rutherford 14:
Faith Tan

Grace Kemp
Sophie Brower
Zabrina Consing

Rutherford 15:
Taylor-Lee Day

Tasha Lewis
Cassidy Ediss
Chloe Rissetto

Rutherford 16:
Daniel Knowles

Nikoia Vaihu
Chanmesa Chhun
Jack Cashmore

Boys A Grade

These games are all finished

C Grade Girls

22nd August

Rutherford 6 vs Kelston Girls Navy on court 6
Rutherford 12 vs Western Springs on court 7
Rutherford 15 vs St Dominics on court 8
Rutherford 14 vs Rutherford 11 on court 9
Rutherford 7 vs MHS Girls B on court 10
Rutherford 8 vs St Dominics 6 on court 12
Rutherford 13- BYE

29th August

Rutherford 13 vs MHS Girls B on court 6
Rutherford 7 vs Kelston Girls Red on court 7
Rutherford 8 vs St Dominics 5 on court 8
Rutherford 14 vs St Dominics 6 on court 9
Rutherford 6 vs Western Springs on court 10
Rutherford 12 vs Rutherford 15 on court 11
Rutherford 11 vs St Dominics 4 on court 12

5th September

Rutherford 15 vs Rutherford 6 on court 7
Rutherford 12 vs Rutherford 11 on court 8
Rutherford 13 vs Kelston Girls Red on court 10
Rutherford 8 vs Rutherford 7 on court 11
Rutherford 14 vs St Dominics 5 on court 12

C Grade Boys

22nd August

Rutherford 4 vs Liston 4 on court 1
Rutherford 5 vs Rutherford 2 on court 2
Rutherford 16 vs Rutherford 10 on court 3
Rutherford 3 vs Rutherford 9 on court 4

C Grade Mixed

27th August

U17 Girls Basketball

Under 17 A 

Finished for the season

Junior Girls Draws

All Games are finished for the season

Senior Boys Basketball

All games are finished for the season

U17 Boys Basketball

All games are finished for the season

Junior Boys Basketball

All games are finished for the season

If your require any information regarding equestrian please contact the sports office.

Rutherford Boys 1stXI

24th August
vs Northcote 1st XI @ Northcote 2 @ 12:00pm
Last round 

Rutherford Boys 2ndXI

24th August
vs City Impact @ Rosedale Park @ 10am

Last round

3rd XI Boys

Season is finished

15B Boys

Finished 2nd in their division

14A Boys

24th August
vs Mt Roskill Gold Mt Roskill Int @ 9am
This will be the last game followed by saver round

14B Boys

10th August
vs Henderson- Game has be postponed due to flooded pitches

Catch up games could be played on the 24th August

13A Boys

24th August
vs Westlake Boys A1- Westlake Boys Turf at 9am

31st August
vs Sacred Heart – venue and time TBC

13B Boys

Finished 2nd in their division

Rutherford Girls 1stXI

21st August
vs Onehunga 1st XI @ Rutherford 1 @ 4pm

 Final round

Rutherford Girls 2ndXI

The girls are finished

Junior Girls

21st August
vs Marist @ Rutherford 2 @ 4pm






Girls Hockey

1st XI 

22nd August
vs Henderson 1XI @ Waitakere @ 4:30pm

2nd XI

Finished for the season

Boys Hockey

Finished for the season

Senior Netball

Finished for the season

Junior Netball Year 9 and 10

Year 9 B

24th August
vs Avondale Year 9 White on court 11 @ 10:30am


Year 10A

24th August
vs Avondale Black Court 6 @ 10.30am

21st August
vs Lynfield @ Bay Roskill 1 @ 4pm 

Last game of the season

Open B Boys 

Finished for the season

Open B Girls

Finished for the season

Table Tennis Teams

Rutherford 1
Faith Tan
Zachary McKay
Ken Tsao
Olivia Summerhays

Rutherford 2
Andrew Mom

Aaron Tse
Josh Burte
Jonathan Brouwer

Rutherford 3
Luke Huang

Josh Manning
Ben Quach


Rutherford 4
Nicole Potter

Akansha Singh
Neha Mani

Rutherford 5
Annie Cheng

Ann Lowe
Jaanvi Jamnadas

Rutherford 6
Samson Wen

Leon Masefield
Jay Huggins

Rutherford 7
Freda Davis-Barr

Nathan Singh
Carson Bull

Rutherford 8
Nikoia Vaihu

Alex Larking
Luke Dennerly

Rutherford 9
Prasan Gurunathan

Sri Kadali
Josh Milne

All games are played at Waitemata Table Tennis Stadium on 72a Seymour Rd, Sunnyvale.

Friday 23rd August 


Rutherford 1 vs Avondale 7 – Table 1 
Rutherford 8 vs Avondale 6  – Table 4
Rutherford 5 vs Rutherford 2- Table 6 


Rutherford 6 vs Liston 2 – Table 1
Rutherford 3 vs Avondale 3- Table 5
Rutherford 9 vs TBC
Rutherford 7 vs Avondale 4 -Table 7

Water Polo – Mixed Team 

The games are finished for Senior Season. The team was unbeaten. 

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