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Sports Excellence experience at Club Physical Te Atatu

On Friday, 29 October the Year 10 Sports Excellence class went to Club Physical Te Atatu as part of their learning around conditioning for sport.

Prior to the trip we have been learning about different components of fitness, why fitness testing is important, muscles and bones, and how the body works to gain strength. They were lucky enough to be taken through two very grueling workouts by trainers Chloe and Kevin.

Students learnt about what conditioning means and the different ways force can be applied to add stress to muscles, therefore resulting in strength gains. They enjoyed the opportunity to use different pieces of equipment including the weighted sled, wind powered cycle, bikes and rowers. The trainers were impressed with the attitudes and effort of the students, so much so that they have invited us back for some more technique based sessions.

This will lend into the methods and principles of training content that will be covered in the coming weeks.

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