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Senior students have opportunities to be trained and develop leadership skills in a variety of areas: peer support for Year 9 students, peer mediators, peer reading and peer sexuality contact people. Year 13 students also have the opportunity to become school prefects. Year 9/10/11/12 students can become members of the School Council which is led by the prefects.

HEAD GIRL – Eden Hatalafale

I descend from Niue through my father and the USA from my mother. I am the first of my four siblings to attend Rutherford College so the first to experience the Rutherford Way. I endorsed both my NCEA years with Excellence, and was the Top Pacific Scholar in Year 11. I’ve been involved with the sports committee as a member and was Sports Captain in 2020.I balance my academic achievements with sporting ones. Dance and Studio Show are highlights of my year, along with the Girls’ Football Tournament, which I take part in every year. Rutherford has taught me that no matter what your strengths are you are able to succeed in whatever area you desire. As both your Head Girl and prefect for 2021, I would love to inspire younger Rutherfordians to find their own personal excellence and become a part of our whanau.

HEAD BOY – Arnesh Sharma

Namaste, I’m Arnesh Sharma. So, you might be wondering, “who is this kid?”, now I could give you this long spiel about my life, but I rather not so here is a short version. I come from a lovely family of 7, I attended Rutherford Primary, Te Atatu Intermediate, and finally RC, so it’s safe to say I’ve been in “Tat north” for some time. I have always tried to be actively involved in the school by joining many cultural groups. Through my years at Rutherford, I have been very honored and lucky for all the opportunities I have been given, and I am forever grateful for them. I want to be a role model to all the young Kotuku in our nest and show them the Rutherford way, with maybe a few rhymes and jokes along the way. I look to attend university, going into a path of engineering or medicine. With all that said and done, it is an absolute honor to be your Head Boy for 2021 and I hope to see you around the school.

DEPUTY HEAD GIRL – Arielle Schwalger

I have the privilege of being one of the two deputy head girls for 2021. I am of proud Samoan, Cook Island and Maori descent. I have three brothers and no sisters, and I love playing sports and keeping active. I attended Freyberg Community School and Rangeview Intermediate prior to coming to Rutherford College. You’ll always hear me before you see because of how loud, crazy, and outgoing I am, but you’ll always see me with a huge smile on my face. I have been involved in the volleyball, touch and tag teams during my time at Rutherford. In the future, I want to head to university and study to become a Social Worker so that afterwards I can leave my positive mark on people and the world around me. I find joy in helping and serving others and I can’t wait to action that out being a prefect this year!

DEPUTY HEAD GIRL – Paige Skinner

I enjoy PE at school and my hobbies are sports, being outdoors and hanging out with friends. I live with my brother, mum and dad and being raised in Te Atatu taught me that we are a family at Rutherford. I am passionate about helping people and would like to do that when I leave school by working in a medical role. I hope to study Health Sciences in university to then become a paramedic. I’ve endorsed Level 1 and 2 with Excellence and hope to do the same this year. My goal as a prefect is to bring the Rutherford family closer and create a positive and inclusive environment. If you see me around school say ‘Hi’


I am of Samoan/Chinese descent and grew up in Samoa, but mostly was raised here in NZ. I attended Apia primary school and then moved to Rangeview Intermediate School. Throughout my time in Rutherford I’ve been been involved in many different opportunities offered by the school, including peer mentoring ,sport committee, P.I.L.O.T, rugby and many more. I was always into performing and I’ve been part of many different types of performing arts including studio shows and Polyfest cultural groups, both Samoan and African groups. I’m passionate about my sports with volleyball and rugby being my favourites. My favourite subjects at Rutherford are building, dance, maths and outdoor education. In my spare time I play guitar and sometimes volleyball. I applied for prefect because I want to give back to the school and because I want to be a role model and inspire Māori and Pasifika students, guiding them through their journey at school.

DEPUTY HEAD BOY – Alex Larking

I am Alexanda Jules Sefton Hugh Larking. My journey with Rutherford College began when my father, Christopher Larking attended Rutherford High School in 1986. My brother, Joshua Larking, attended from 2015 until the beginning of 2018. This resulted in my exposure to the ‘Rutherford Way’ well before stepping foot into the school. I have been able to develop my own relationship with Rutherford since 2017 and have involved myself in every aspect of school life. I have participated in over 7 different sporting teams and 10 different cultural clubs, and this coming year will be involved with our waterpolo, tennis and volleyball teams. I endorsed with Excellence at Level 1 and 2 and am aiming for the same at Level 3. I’m excited for 2021 and the opportunities it presents. I look forward to working with the prefect cohort and senior leadership team to make 2021 a truly exceptional year-one capable of making up for the irregularities of 2020.

PREFECT – Kulukona ‘Aho

I was born here in Grey Lynn and raised in Te Atatu Peninsula. I moved to TAT North when I was 5 years old, attending the Peninsula primary school , TAI and now RC. I am Tongan and grew up speaking my own language and knowing my culture. I love to eat horse like other Tongans, but also eat many things, like corn beef and suppa sui. I like listening to old school island jams and R&B. My parents came to NZ for opportunities and a life of their own. I am the youngest in my family; my two sisters came to Rutherford, with one also becoming a prefect. I enjoy sports especially touch, volleyball and cricket. I’ve represented the school in Auckland champs for shotput and discus. Everything that has happened until this day is for my parents who didn’t get the chance to finish school or make it to University. They work hard everyday to pay fees for me and my siblings and in return I make them proud through school and I hope to do the same in 2021.

Palovepi vahe 3 vesi 5 – 6: Falala ke he Eiki’aki ae kotoa o ho loto, O ‘oaue faki ke ho poto o’ou. Ke ke fakaongo kiate ia ‘i ho hala kotoa pe. Pe ‘e fakatonutonu e ‘ia ho nahi alunga.

Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the lord with all your heart and don’t depend on your own understanding, trust the lord in all you do and he shall direct thy path.

PREFECTCasey Boyce

I was born and raised right here in Te Atatu and am proud student of Rutherford College and grateful to be a prefect for 2021.

Outside of school I love to try new things, some of my hobbies include skateboarding, exploring different places and of course eating lots of food. I’ve always looked up to the team of prefects; now I have the privilege to be part of the team for 2021 and I hope to make the best out of this opportunity and give back to the school. Last year I took the opportunity to be a peer mentor, I loved all the memories I made and I was happy to be able to help the Year 9s settle into their first year of high school.

PREFECT – Carson Bull

I am the prefect with the best groove yet. From a young age I have been surrounded by all kinds of different music and because of this, a passion for music was born. Naturally music is where I excel in school making the most out of opportunities to perform and create music, in and outside of school. Performance is a very social aspect of the school, meaning my social skills are massively developed making me an approachable, and friendly person that anyone can talk to. I was a peer mentor last year and in previous years have involved myself in football and junior band. As a prefect this is exactly what I aim to be, being able to network with, and help, all kinds of different people from Rutherford is the main goal for me and I hope I can make a lasting impact on the experience students have whilst attending Rutherford.

PREFECT – Hollie Court

I’m NZ European/Maori and I was born and raised in Te Atatu. I went to Flanshaw Primary, Rangeview Intermediate and have attended Rutherford College for the past few years. I have 2 sisters both Year 9’s at Rutherford. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and working with others. I’ve endorsed level 1 with

excellence and aim to do the same at level 2 and 3. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Rutherford, getting to know everyone and participating in events amongst the Rutherford community. I’m looking forward to working as a team, planning and organising events with the other prefects, leading students by example and making sure everyone at school feels welcome and included.

PREFECT –  Klara Dostalikova

I moved to Te Atatu from Czech Republic with my parents and younger sister in 2013. I went to the Peninsula Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate before coming to Rutherford college. Here she has been enjoying the opportunities and groups in Rutherford for 4 years now, for example, being a library monitor and a member of the robotics club, a peer mentor in Year 12 and a member of the cultural committee, as well as taking part in academic competitions. I have endorsed Levels 1 and 2 with Excellence and am close to endorsing level 3 as well. I feel honoured to be a prefect and am excited to work with the prefect team this year to share my experiences of Rutherford with a new cohort.

PREFECT – Scarlett Ferrall

I am a proud kiwi, born and raised in New Zealand. I have grown up and lived in Te Atatu Peninsula all my life, attending Rutherford Primary School, Te Atatu  Intermediate and now almost completing 5 years at Rutherford College. Being the youngest of three girls, who also attended Rutherford, I had an insight into culture and life within the school, making me feel more connected when I first started in Year 9.  I have Level 1 endorsed with merit,  passed Level 2,and am aiming to endorse at Level 3. During these past four years I have started to discover the things I am truly passionate about in life such as drama, Frisbee, netball, helping others and more. I can’t wait to work alongside the other prefects for 2021.

PREFECT – Oliver Gracewood

I’ve lived in Te Atatu Peninsula since I was 3, and I went to Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate School. My parents always made sure I had a positive attitude towards school and learning and I’d love to be able to help develop this within the general student population. Music became a huge part of my life after I picked up the trumpet in 2015, and I have become a part of numerous band programs, improving my playing, helping tutor younger players, and winning national competitions across multiple disciplines. Rutherford’s music program has helped me learn more instruments and get into more contemporary music, leading me to connect with a local group of songwriters and musicians to organise and launch Sound Canvas, a program to provide performance opportunities to young local songwriters and bands. As a prefect I want to help the school provide similar opportunities so they are more accessible for students, and encourage a culture of well-roundedness as students strive for personal excellence.

PREFECT – Jay Huggins

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Malo Lelei, I’m Jay, and I’m extremely grateful and privileged to be a part of the Rutherford 2021 Prefect Team. Te Atatu Peninsula has always been my home, attending both Rutherford Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate before coming to Rutherford College, completing the local circle of schools on the Peninsula. I came to Rutherford with the intent of giving everything a go and participating in as many extra-curricular activities as possible, both in and out of school. Sport and music both mean a lot to me and have contributed a lot of knowledge, skill, growth, and just allround fun times, allowing me to develop as a person. I hope to continue to work in these areas and assist others to experience the opportunities these extra curricular activities offer. I want to be a role model for others who, like me, are keen to participate and get involved in as much as they can, or even those who aren’t, but just need a little motivation or help get them involved.

PREFECT – Hemaima Keane

I was born and raised in the 834 but am now (unfortunately) living out of zone. Though moving out of TAT, I can still proudly say I have the wairua of a TAT:  ride or die. I am of European and Māori descent and hold my Māoritanga very close to my heart. My older sister and I have both been part of Te Roopu Kapa Haka o Te Kotuku and by the conclusion of 2021, both will have led the group. I have an interest in basketball, netball, fashion, music, dance and all things Māori. I have been able to endorse both NCEA level 1 and 2 with excellence and am aiming to make three for three in 2021. I’m looking forward to 2021 and all the challenges to come.

PREFECT – Amaar Khan

Talofa lava! I am a proud Indo-Fijian, Samoan. I spent most of my childhood in Samoa learning the culture and language. Moving to New Zealand with my mother and 3 other brothers, we had more access to education and technology. I attended Fruitvale Primary, then Rangeview Intermediate. I wouldn’t consider myself a sporty person, but I have tried my best to get involved with the school, such as gymnastics, soccer and rowing. I also participated in debating club, Studio Show and Production. I’ve always had a passion to one day become a leader in school and spread my wisdom and knowledge. Community is very important to me & I aim to give students the encouragement to help them get through school. After Rutherford, I want to go to the University of Auckland to study a Bachelors Conjoint in Business & Law, to one day carve my footprint in society. We should all strive for personal excellence because dreams can never be “too big.”

PREFECT – Lolesio Leaana

I’m from Samoa and I came over to NZ when I was 7 years of age. I then attended Peninsula Primary, followed by TAI and now I am a prefect attending Rutherford College. Throughout my time here at Rutherford college I have been involved in a range of activities, such as the rugby team in Year 10 and volleyball and Samoan group in year 12 last year. I always try my best at sport and in class and have I passed Levels 1 and 2 with ease and planning to do the same with the upcoming year. Back in my junior years I never thought I would be where I am now, a prefect, a role model, a leader, and that’s why I chose to sign up for a chance to become a prefect, to show our Pacific and Māori students that it is possible.

PREFECT – Amanda Lowe

I was born and raised in Te Atatu Peninsula. My parents are both from China and I have 3 sisters – 2 older and 1 younger. I enjoy are calculus, physics, and music. My hobbies include: reading, drawing, and playing piano. I have been playing piano for over ten years and passed the Trinity College of Music grade 8 practical piano exam with distinction. In 2020, I participated in the ‘Auckland Philharmonia     Orchestra Secondary Schools Composition Competition’ and was selected as a winner. I endorsed NCEA level 1 and 2 with excellence in 2019 and have endorsed level 3 in 2020. I hope to study engineering or computer science at university. I aspire to be a prefect that other students can look up to and comfortably talk to, like prefects of previous years were. I wish to ensure that the ‘Rutherford experience’ is an enjoyable one for students. I hope that the 2021 prefects and I are able to increase student involvement in all areas – academic, cultural, sports and school events – with what we have planned.

PREFECT – Kazin MacGregor

Kia Ora, I come from a loving family of six, unfortunately I am the only boy other than my Dad, we come from the land of the ‘norty north’. I enjoy being around and spending time with family and friends. I take pride in achieving my goals in silence and just humbling myself when needed. I always aim to better myself and don’t like to settle for less. In my free time, I catch up with mates, paddle (waka ama) and even go to the gym. I started off my schooling in kōhanga then moved to Lincoln Heights, a pakeha primary school where I just lost my reo, from there my parents moved me to Rangeview Intermediate and that’s where my “te atatu…ness” was awoken and as you can probably tell, I ended up here. In school I really enjoy graphic design as a subject, it’s just my time management that is the problem; I hope to pursue a graphic design career in the future. I decided to apply to be a prefect because I wanted to make a difference, not only within the school, but within myself as well and to show our other students that change is possible. I want to be that person that I never really had going through high school.

PREFECT – Mulyani Muroso

I tend to go by the name Yani! I was born in Samoa and came to New Zealand when I was 4 years old. I’m Samoan and Indonesian, have 3 brothers and 2 sisters making 6 kids in total and all of us have either attended or still attend Rutherford College. Currently, I live in Glen Eden, but honestly wished we lived in Te Atatu Peninsula. Although I spent 4 years in Samoa, I sadly lost the language while growing up within New Zealand. In the future I hope to learn both languages for my two cultures and its history. Career wise I intend to commit to my dream of becoming a forensic scientist or have a role in the criminology field. As a prefect for Rutherford College, I’m happy and proud to be a representative for the Pasifika and Southeast Asia communities. I’m hoping to create a safe, comfortable and positive space for everyone at school and in the community. I intend to give back to the school and the overall community in my new role.

PREFECT – Eddie Schaufelberger

I enjoy composing, writing, and studying any book I come across (I’m always looking for more books to study) – although there are always more things for me to learn about. I have heritage from both China and Switzerland, and I strive to embrace my diverse ethnic background. I have found along my journey in Rutherford that I enjoy most putting pen on paper, whether that be through musical notes, or through words. Other sports that I have gotten into include chess, aikido, and badminton. Over the course of this year, I plan to fulfil my ambitions before university, such as completing my mechatronics project, exploring as many subjects as possible, and cherishing high school and the time I have left at this school, through engaging with the younger generation.”

PREFECT – Tony Schaufelberger

I am from an ethnically diverse background, having heritage from both China and Switzerland. I enjoy philosophy, and this has become a solid foundation of the values I believe in, supplemented by the strong and positive Rutherford values. Along with this, I enjoy playing chess and classical guitar, and studying any book I can get my hands on. I lived in Glen Eden until I was 5 but moved to Massey and attended Hobsonville Primary and Intermediate. Our family initially planned for us to attend Massey High School, but upon learning about Rutherford College, we chose the better option. My accomplishments in my time here have spanned my academic subjects – this year, I plan on improving my leadership presence in the school and making a positive impact for many of the younger students.”

PREFECT – Zachary Sit

Although my father and mother are migrants from Malaysia and Singapore respectively, I’ve been living in Te Atatu my whole life. My parents are major influences on my identity, and my appreciation for them has developed over the years. Growing up, the qualities of hard work, sacrifice, and love for God in their characters have become more evident- and so I am grateful for the blessings that they are, and the lessons they have taught me. This year, I hope to use the position of prefect to be a voice for those who struggle to speak out, also to spread the joy and love of Jesus to the people of Rutherford and the surrounding community!

PREFECT – Kaya Smith

Kia Orana, my name is Kaya Temera Smith and I’m Cook Island Maori and    English. I grew up and have lived in the 834 my whole life, went to Peninsula Primary and then onto Te Atatu Intermediate. Being the second oldest of 4, I have not only learnt from my oldest sister, I am able to teach my younger siblings some of the things I’ve learnt over the years. I’ve endorsed level 1 and 2 with Excellence and I hope to endorse level 3 with the same. I’m so grateful that I’ve grown up here in TAT because we’re all like a whanau here at Rutherford. #bleed4thebird

PREFECT – Asma Uddin

Both of my parents are Middle Eastern, but I was raised in New Zealand, Epsom. I attended New Market Primary, Tirimoana Primary, Rangeview Intermediate and now Rutherford College. I endorsed NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with Excellence and am hoping to achieve the same for Level 3 in 2021. I’ve learnt a lot during my time at RC, from trying different sports, friend groups and accomplishments, every experience has led me up to this successful moment and having the privilege to be one of Rutherford’s prefects for 2021. As a Rutherfordian, the importance of our school values has engraved into my morals as an individual and am hoping to carry each value out with me as I graduate in 2021 and onto the big world. Grateful for every opportunity and guidance I’ve been blessed with for the past 12 years and can’t wait for what 2021 has in store for me. Another year of protecting the nest and striving for personal excellence as always.

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