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Senior students have opportunities to be trained and develop leadership skills in a variety of areas: peer support for Year 9 students, peer mediators, peer reading and peer sexuality contact people. Year 13 students also have the opportunity to become school prefects. Year 9/10/11/12 students can become members of the School Council which is led by the prefects.

HEAD PREFECT – Shelby Swan

Shelby is a proud Westie, born and bred in Te Atatu North. She attended local schools including Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate. Shelby is of Samoan and Niuean heritage and enjoys embracing, living and learning many aspects of her ethnicity and kiwi culture.

Involvement within the wider school life includes Netball, Softball, The School Production “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”, Peer Mentoring, PSSP, Cultural Committee, African Group and Ball Committee.

As Head Girl she aims to bring back school pride and show our community that Rutherford is still a great option especially as we are amongst such a sea of change. She encourages all students to strive for personal excellence by putting their best foot forward & doing everything to the best of their ability.

HEAD PREFECT – Joel Gibson

Joel is the youngest – but biggest of the Gibson twins. His twin brother thinks he’s the better one, but Joel gives him a run for his money. When you them around school just remember – Joel has got the party at the back. Joel has a passion for all things outdoors whether that’s camping, fishing etc.

He is involved in multiple sports teams and enjoy all levels and types of sport and competition. He thrives on doing things with friend and family and is excited to get stuck into the role as head boy and see what new challenges and opportunities next year will bring. Joel is hoping to have more great times and make more great memories in his last year of Rutherford college.


12JF Ko Puketapu me Kakepuku ngā Maunga
Ko Waiaruhe me Waipa ngā Awa
Ko Ngāti Rangi me Huiao ngā Hapu
Ko Taiāmai me Te Rohe Pōtae ngā Rohe
Ko Ngāwhā me Rereamanu ngā Marae
Ko Ngātokimatawhaorua me Tainui ngā Waka
Ko Ngāpuhi me Ngāti Maniapoto ngā Iwi
Ko Cruz Clarke ahau

Moving from the 835 to the 834 for her intermediate and high school days, one could say Cruz have family from all over the motu. She’s blessed to be walking through life with such an amazing support crew, with her family and ancestors playing a huge role in the person she aspires to become. Cruz hopes to pursue a possible future in the Arts, sharing stories, and speaking on behalf of Māori and youth. She also hopes to give those entering and returning to our community many positive experiences in 2023. Kei ōu ringaringa te ao.



Hi, I am Liam Edwards and I will be one of your deputy head boys for 2023. I enjoy a range of things like hikes, the ocean, food, and music I really REALLY enjoy the last two. I have been involved in multiple groups around the school such as peer mentor, UNICEF, senior volleyball, etc. One thing I am really passionate about is my relationships and connections with my whanau, friends, classmates, and people I have just met. During this year as one of the school leaders, I hope to create as many connections as possible and talk to many people from different year levels. So please do not be afraid or shy to talk to me just because I am a senior. Since I am here to help make this year a year to remember for all year groups and that starts with the foundation of connection and friendship.

This is Liam Edwards, deputy head boy of the 2023 Kotoku flock signing in.


kia Ora, I am stoked to be named Deputy Head Boy at Rutherford College for 2023 and I am excited to finish off highschool with good times and add to all the highlights and memories I have so far. You might see two of me around as I have a twin brother, but I am the older, wiser and all round better twin.

I am deeply passionate about sports and thoroughly enjoy spending time with friends and family, as well as trying to be the best me I can be. I want Rutherford to be a great enviroment for all students and inspire everyone to be themselves, while always having a good time. You should all be prepared for a great year that is 2023 because it’s already shaping up to be just that.

DEPUTY HEAD PREFECT – Reece Wilson-Te Miha

Tēnā ra koutou katoa, ko Reece Ariki toku ingoa. I am one of your deputy head girls for 2023 and I look forward to leading you all through this momentous year we have ahead of us. I am originally from Te Tairāwhiti but have been calling Te Atatū home for the past 10 years. For the past 5 years, I have been involved in many groups across the school including, Te Roopu Kapa Haka o Te Kotuku, Student Council, Kotuku Gems, Netball, Touch and a variety of other sports teams. I have endorsed levels 1 and 2 with excellence and am aiming to do the same with level 3 and going on to study a bachelor of arts at UoA.

One of my many passions is taha Māori and having a platform to share my knowledge of it to help educate others is something that makes me proud of who I am, and what I have achieved over the past couple of years. My goals are to share the sense of whanaungatanga within our school community and to inspire other taitamariki to push beyond what they think is their boundary and become a greater version of themselves.

PREFECT – Dostella Amerika

I was born in Samoa before coming to New Zealand and was raised in Te Atatu Peninsula ever since. I first attended Matipo Primary, Te Atatu Intermediate before finally coming to Rutherford College. Being the eldest of three brothers has given me the responsibility to be stronger and to lead by example. Ever since year 9, I’ve always wanted to become perfect because I saw how confident and passionate our previous prefects have been in achieving inclusiveness and fun in the school. What I enjoy about Rutherford College is the school’s diverse culture and the variety of extracurricular activities the school provides.

My main interests in school are the sciences and sports, but outside of school, I enjoy being outdoors with family and also being in the church because, all glory to the Man above. By the end of 2023, I hope to endorse Level 3 with excellence but most importantly to make the most of my last year at school.


PREFECT – Josiah Bain

Josiah has grown up on the peninsula his whole life, attending local schools including Peninsula Primary, Te Atatu Intermediate and then arriving at Rutherford.

His school involvements include playing football throughout his years at Rutherford and now playing in the First Eleven. Also playing Volleyball, Basketball, being in the concert Band and the PEER mentor programme.
His academic Goals for this year will be to complete and pass the year with a Merit endorsement for NCEA Level 3 as well as passing every subject with at least Merit.

Josiah’s goals as a prefect are to get students to really get involved in Rutherford, doing everything they can to push themselves to be better. As well as making everyone feel welcome and really enjoy school at Rutherford

PREFECT – Archie Bulloch

Born and raised as a westie, Coming from Te Atatu Peninsula. I started off my journey at Matipo Primary before going to Te Atatu Intermediate then shortly after, landing at Rutherford where I quickly took place in sports such as basketball, frisbee, volleyball other sports. But sports isn’t the only thing I’ve been a part of at Rutherford, for example, Peer Mentoring, Sports Committee and more. Some may recognise me as Danny Zucco from this years Valentines Day video. Especially some students who have called me Grease lightning around school.

As a prefect I hope to create a warm and welcoming place for every student and to help all students gain confidence to try different experiences throughout their stay at Rutherford. So if you see me around school don’t be shy, come and have a chat :)

PREFECT – Lily Carter

I am a dedicated Rutherfordian always striving for excellence in my academic achievements and other involvements. I’ve lived in Te Atatu Peninsula all my life as did 2 generations of my family before me. I went to Tirimoana Primary School, then Te Atatu Intermediate and currently Rutherford College, allowing me to stay connected not only with my family but a wider group of peers many of which I’m proud to have stood beside since day one.

I strive to better the student body and encourage the same collectiveness and family that I’ve experienced and created for myself here in Te Atatu Peninsula, but more specifically at Rutherford College through the privilege of being a prefect for this year.

PREFECT – Emma Chapman

Emma has been at Rutherford since year 9 and has really enjoyed her time here. Her school involvement includes various sports, groups and committees such as Waterpolo, Swimming Sports Zones, Cross Country Zones, open water swimming Champs, Tough Guy/Gal, Sports committee, Kotuku Gems, Concert Band and Studio Show.

Her Academic goals for 2023 include achieving NCEA level 3 endorsed with Excellence and to Endorse multiple subjects with Excellence. Emma’s goals as a prefect are to promote school pride and encourage higher involvement with school teams, clubs and events.

PREFECT – Shalom Devendra

Family hailing from the islands of Fiji, Shalom was born and raised in Te Atatu South. Starting his journey at Freyberg Community School, then to Rangeview Intermediate and now is a proud Rutherford College student. Striving to become a better version of himself and to make his family proud, Shalom involved himself in countless leadership opportunities throughout Rutherford College and is now blessed with the opportunity as prefect.

Shalom firmly believes that each and every students voice should be heard, because without the student body and it’s opinions the school cannot grow. With the role of prefect Shalom strives to give back to Rutherford College and bring a sense of belonging to the next generation of Rutherfordians as it did for him.

PREFECT – Barbora Dostalikova

Bara was born in the Czech Republic and moved to New Zealand in 2013. Before attending Rutherford College, she attended Peninsula Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate, just like her older sister.

Throughout the years, she has been involved in many groups, such as the concert band, art club, and cultural committee. She is really looking forward to her final year at Rutherford.

PREFECT – Lucinda Hill

Lucinda has thoroughly enjoyed her last four years at Rutherford College, and is proud to call Rutherford another home. Growing up on the Peninsula her whole life attending local schools Peninsula Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate, she loves the close and friendly environment and tight knit community, which makes Rutherford such a lively and great place.

Her school involvement includes peer mentoring, junior sport committee, student council, Z club, captain of first eleven hockey, orienteering, waterpolo, You Dance, and rogaine orienteering. She endorsed NCEA level 1 and 2 with excellence and hopes to do the same for level 3 this year.

Lucinda is honoured to be a prefect for 2023, and is excited for what new opportunities this year has to bring and is looking forward to working with such an amazing group of inspiring people.

PREFECT – Tinirau Hohepa

I am honoured to be selected as a prefect for 2023. I have lived in Te Atatu all my life, going to Peninsula Primary, TAI and finally Rutherford. I have really enjoyed my time at Rutherford, despite the many disruptions I have experienced, and hope to use this position as a force for good to give back to the school which has given me so much. This year, I hope to work and contribute to building the strong sense of culture that I experienced in year 9. I have already endorsed level 1 and 2 with excellence, and hope to do the same with level 3. I look forward working with the amazing prefect team in 2023

PREFECT – Jayden Kesa

Hi, my name is Jayden Kesa and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a Prefect for 2023.

My great-grandparents and their children came from India to Aotearoa decades ago. In a foreign land that they hoped to call home, my ancestors were in search of new and exciting experiences for their family. Three generations later and I give thanks to them. Through adversity and hardship, they have allowed me the freedoms and liberties that were denied of them elsewhere. It’s important that I carry my culture and identity through everything I do.

As I look back, after my time at Peninsula Primary School and then Te Atatu Intermediate, it is here, at Rutherford College that I feel I have formed some of the fondest memories of any school experience. Whether I’m inside the classroom or outside, my eagerness to consistently improve what I see around me is what has helped me achieve the most seemingly impossible of tasks. While continuing to look for new and exciting opportunities at Rutherford College I hope to leave the school in a better nick then when I found it in 2019. I hope to continue to strive for the same level of academic achievement that I have always been committed to while being here to strengthen the infamous V formation prefect team.

PREFECT – Maria Koosache

Maria went to Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate before Rutherford. She loves being part of the local Te Atatu community.

Maria’s favourite activities include field hockey, and dance, both inside and outside school, taking the subject, participating in Rutherfords African Group, as well as an external dance group.

Maria’s goal as a prefect is to encourage students to be involved in various aspects of school, enjoy the diverse range of opportunities, and make the most of their high school experience.

PREFECT – Ishani Kumar

Ishani was raised in West Auckland and grew up in a family of 5, inspiring and challenging her everyday. Previously, Ishani has attended Flanshaw Road Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate, and is now finishing her journey through Rutherford College. Her personal goal for this year is to achieve an excellence endorsement and also balancing out the educational life with the joys of undertaking the last year of high school.

Although she values her academic capabilities, Ishani wishes to continue on with a future consisting of art, following her passions for drawing and painting. Through her final year of high school, Ishani looks forward to working in a diverse team and building on the growth of our community.

PREFECT – Aneka McKinstry

Aneka grew up in West Auckland, and was raised by her dad alongside her two siblings. Aneka started her journey at Flanshaw Road School, followed by Te Atatu Intermediate, and is now proceeding at Rutherford College. In 2023, Aneka is striving to achieve an excellence endorsement whilst also cherishing her final year of college. Aneka has a passion for art, and football, although aspires to study medicine and a pursue a future towards helping the community.

Aneka looks forward to work alongside a strong, willing and determined group of people, and is excited to see how the year unfolds.

PREFECT – Theo RobbMarkham

Theo was born and rasied in Auckland. He went to Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate, so is very familiar with this community. He plays many sports across the school including Cricket, Swimming, Squash and Rock Climbing, and alsothe clarinet, both in and out of school. He is looking to endorse NCEA Level 3 with excellence this year and get into his chosen Uni courses.

As I Prefect, Michael wants to help get the school back to the way it was before Covid, and help develop the school spirit in the younger years.

PREFECT – Michael Robson

I’ve lived in Te Atatu Peninsula my whole life attending Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate. I’ve endorsed both level 1 and level 2 with excellence and hope to do the same for level 3.

I play football for both the school and club and was a peer mentor last year. As a prefect, I want to make Rutherford a positive and fun place, help others to participate in more events around the school and further develop my leadership skills.

PREFECT – Jacob Ryan

Jacob went to a full primary and intermediate school in Massey then made the scary decision to take a leap of faith on Rutherford. He now knows it was the right decision to make loving every minute and Rutherford college His school involvement ranges from open nights, the college’s 60th reunion, the STARS peer mentoring program, PSSP (peer sexual support program and just help[ing where he can.

His academic goals are to endorse NCEA level 3 with merit as well as gaining the needed credits for university. Jacob’s aim as a prefect is to get Rutherford College involved more with school life and West Aucklands diverse culture


PREFECT – Keira Schriefer

I moved from Illinois USA to New Zealand in 2013. I have lived on the peninsula since then attending Matipo primary, Te Atatu Intermediate and now Rutherford College.

I have been involved in many sports and activities on offer here at Rutherford College such as First XI girls football, Tough guy & gal challenge and touch. My personal goals for 2023 are to develop my character and to be an encouraging & positive prefect. As a prefect I aim to encourage students to step outside their comfort zones and to take every opportunity possible. Cant wait to see what 2023 has install for us all.

PREFECT – Jessica Willimas

I attended Rutherford primary, through to Te Atatu Intermediate to finish off my schooling at Rutherford collage.

I have been involved in the multiple sports through out my years at Rutherford and look forward to encouraging further involvement in the wider school life through sport.

My goals as a prefect are to encourage for everyone to try something new through their years at Rutherford, taking advantage of all the opportunities, while having fun.

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