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Senior students have opportunities to be trained and develop leadership skills in a variety of areas: peer support for Year 9 students, peer mediators, peer reading and peer sexuality contact people. Year 13 students also have the opportunity to become school prefects. Year 9/10/11/12 students can become members of the School Council which is led by the prefects.

HEAD GIRL – Fiona Blaser

Fiona is originally from Switzerland but has grown up as a westie. She did not come to Rutherford through the regular tat schools having gone to a full primary in west Auckland. She has loved her time at Rutherford so far and all the opportunities it has brought including, young women in leadership, unicef, dragon boating, 40 hour famine committee and many more. She has endorsed level 1 and 2 with excellence and is very close to doing the same with level 3. Fiona hopes that in her role she can encourage everyone’s involvement in the wider life of the school and can be a role model of this. She is very grateful for everything Rutherford college has given her and can’t wait for the chance to give back.

HEAD BOY – Matt Darrah

Matt was born and raised in West Auckland and moved to Te Atatu when he was 4. He attended peninsula primary and Te Atatu intermediate before finding himself at Rutherford. Matt gained level 1 and 2 with excellence and hopes to continue this success with level 3. He is very competitive in what he does and this is a huge factor in why he loves sports. Matt hopes to captain the 1st XI to promotion into the premier division this year as well as continuing to build upon the school culture and pride.


Tayla-Lee was born and raised in west Auckland coming through Matipo Primary School and Te Atatu Intermediate. She’s always loved sports, dance and any other outdoor activities. Through the support of her family and teachers, Tayla-Lee has endorsed both level 1 and 2 with excellence and strives for excellence at level 3.

DEPUTY HEAD GIRL – Mollie Tagaloa

Mollie is of Maori and Samoan descent. She is extremely passionate about her culture and whakapapa, knowing who she is and where she comes from. Another big passion of hers is Sports. Any kind of sport, she’s all for it. Especially Touch. Mollie has endorsed both NCEA level 1 and 2 and is looking to endorse level 3 with excellence. In her five years of being at Rutherford she has made the most of all opportunities that are on offer, including cultural, performing arts and sporting. As a prefect Mollie looks forward to helping the future Rutherfordians make the most of these opportunities and make lasting memories that she has been able to have. Especially focused on her fellow Maori and Pasifika peers continuing to be a role model for them to strive for personal excellence. As a prefect for 2019 Mollie can’t wait to lead alongside my fellow prefects to continue to make Rutherford the best it can be.

DEPUTY HEAD BOY – Stefan Zdravkovic

Stefan is a hard working student from Serbia who endorsed both Level 1 and 2 with Excellence, and is looking to also endorse Level 3. His favourite subjects are Calculus and Computer Programming, and during his time at Rutherford he has actively participated in the Chess Club, Robotics Club, World Scholars Cup and many more. He constantly tries to strive for his personal academic excellence, And hopes that this will continue on into Level 3. His goals for 2019 include wanting to participate in school activities as much as he can, preparing himself for University after Rutherford and leaving a long lasting legacy in the school.

DEPUTY HEAD BOY – Dean Phommahaxay

Deans family is from Laos in Southeast Asia but he was born and raised in New Zealand. He is a hardworking, organised, competitive but most importantly kind person.
Dean has been playing football since the age of 6 and has played and committed a lot of time towards it till this day. He has been playing in the first XI since year 10.
Dean achieved Level 1 and 2 with Excellence endorsement and plans to achieve Level 3 with excellence as an academic goal for 2019. After leaving school he wants to study at university but doesn’t know which career path to go down as it changes very often.
His goal as deputy head boy for 2019 is to create a tight and closer culture within the Rutherford family and community.

PREFECT – Emma Brown

Emma is a proud Kiwi with British routes, born and raised in the West.  She endorsed Levels 1 and 2 with Excellence and is hoping to do the same at Level 3. After school she would love to study medicine at University and maybe even do an exchange to study abroad. Emma feels honoured to be Prefect and is excited for the year ahead.

PREFECT – Josh Smith

Josh Smith is an approachable, friendly, hardworking student at Rutherford College. Josh was born and raised in Te Atatu Peninsula. He has endorsed level 1 with excellence and level 2 with merit but is hoping to turn that around and finish his journey at Rutherford endorsing level 3 with excellence. Josh wants to do his part and get involved where ever he can throughout this year, as well as encouraging all other students to get involved and have some fun this year making Rutherford a more enjoyable place to be.

PREFECT – Nikisha Sharma

Nikisha is a Fiji Indian, born and raised in Auckland. She loved the cultural diversity that she has grown up with. Nikisha is so deeply honored and excited to be Rutherford’s Cultural Captain and a prefect for 2019. She has endorsed NCEA level 1 with Excellence and Level 2 with merit. Nikisha believes a prefect is a leader who presents the student body and the school with utmost pride and honor. She is so grateful for this opportunity as prefect and hopes to make Rutherford an enjoyable experience for all.

PREFECT – Rachel Jeung

Rachel is an extremely grateful student to Rutherford College. Over her time at school she has had the privilege of holding leadership roles in a range of disciplines, from dance and music, to technology and mathematics. She enjoys academic and cultural success, endorsing NCEA levels 1 and 2 with excellence, and reaching many personal victories in her craft within the performing arts department. In 2019, she wishes to continue to absorb all possible opportunities available to her in the limited time she has as a high school student. As part of the prefect team, Rachel aims to network and socialize with the many kinds of people she comes to know due to the diversity in her involvement, in order to maintain a united understanding of school pride at Rutherford College.

PREFECT – Josh Burte

Josh is a proud multicultural fruit bowl of nationalities, kiwi, Tongan, Australian and more. Josh arrived to Rutherford College in year 9 excited and nervous, however throughout his 4 year journey this excitement very quickly over grew the nervousness within him. Josh enjoys a good football game on the side while supporting all areas of sport within Rutherford. Fully supported by his family and friends he endorsed both level 1 and level 2 with excellence and is striving to endorse level 3 with the same. He decided to apply for a prefect position to bring his ideas and perspectives to the prefect team, while offering pacific blood in a leadership role in an attempt to stop some of the multiple stereotypes of the pacifica people and become a role model for younger students through their journey within the school. Josh is very excited for the year coming, and ready for what it has in stall for him, the prefect team and the school.

PREFECT – Kelsi Ward

Kelsi is a proud kiwi, born and bred right here in Te Atatu. She started her schooling journey at Peninsula Primary followed by Te Atatu Intermediate then of course Rutherford. This year will be Kelsi’s fifth year playing Rutherford’s 1st XI girls football. She endorsed levels 1 and 2 with excellence and is striving to do the same in level 3. Kelsi is honoured to be able to give back to Rutherford for all the opportunities she has received over the years.

PREFECT – Brooklyn wheeler

Brooklyn moved to the peninsula in 2011, and has lived in the area since, attending Peninsula Primary, Te Atatu Intermediate and now Rutherford. She has played first eleven for the school for the past four years, and is planning on doing the same this year. She endorsed both level one and two with excellence, and is aiming to achieve level three with excellence this year. She has always looked up to the prefect team and just seniors in general, when so she is looking forward to being able to make the most out of this opportunity as well as working alongside the prefect team. She hopes to make the most of her last year at Rutherford.

PREFECT – Ruby stroud

Ruby is a motivated and hardworking student. She endorsed both NCEA level one and two with excellence and is hoping to do the same this year with level three. After school Ruby wants to study animal health and welfare with the goal of eventually working to promote wildlife conservation. Along with working towards academic success this year Ruby also hopes to reach her goals again on the netball court as well as making the most of the various sports available for her last year of school. Hard work and perseverance through all situations is something Ruby strongly believes in and hopes to bring this attitude in with her this year to achieve nothing but success alongside the prefect team.

PREFECT – Juana Pita

In 2002, Juanas family moved to New Zealand from Argentina. Te Atatu has been her home ever since. She attended Peninsula Primary School, Te Atatu Intermediate and these past 4 years, Rutherford College. Juana endorsed NCEA Level 1 & 2 with Merit and plans on also endorsing Level 3. She has been involved in the school Studio Shows since year 9 and played netball and touch in her junior years at Rutherford. She had the pleasure of being a peer mentor last year, she felt so good being able to help the newcomers get settled in. As a prefect this year, Juana is ready to be a leader and role model of the school with the amazing team by her side. She spends all her free time dancing at the local dance studio, that she has been with since she was 4. Going to the beach and being outdoors are some of her favourite things to do, especially with friends and family.

PREFECT – Eden Holdaway Young

Eden was born and raised on the north shore, but came to Rutherford in year 9 and believes it was the best decision she could have made. She has been extremely dedicated to the school, and has involved herself in debating, productions, netball, hockey, dance and more in her years here. Eden is excited for what 2019 has to offer and the opportunities being a prefect will bring.

PREFECT – Abby Ferrall

Abby Ferrall is a proud kiwi, born and raised in Te Atatu Peninsula. Over the years at Rutherford she has participated in various wider school groups, the main ones being the Sports Committee and various sports teams. Through these groups Abby has had the opportunity to recognise her own potential and encourage others to reach their own. Her goals this year are to endorse level 3 with excellence as she has done with level 1 & 2 and really enhance involvement in all areas of the school.

PREFECT – India Smith

Indi is Cook Island Māori, Nz European, born and raised in Te Atatu Peninsula, previously attending Peninsula Primary then Te Atatu Peninsula and now St Peter’s College. Jokes, just checking your paying attention. During Indi’s past 4 years at Rutherford College, she is grateful to have been apart of and involved in many sporting, cultural and academic opportunities including Peer Mentoring, Studio Show, P.I.LO.T and Netball to name a few. Indi endorsed NCEA Level 1 & 2 with excellence and intends on doing the same this year with Level 3. As a prefect this year she aims to make a positive impact within the school and inspire others to work hard and be the best version of themselves.

PREFECT – Luka Vlasic

Luka is a born and raised Westie he has lived on the peninsula his whole life. He enjoys playing soccer and water skiing. Luka endorsed level 1 with merit and level 2 with excellence. Luka hopes to get selected for 1st XI and help promote first eleven into the premier division and endorse level 3 with excellence.

PREFECT – Andrew Mom

Andrew mom is a half Cambodian half Chinese student, who is widely involved with lots of citizen and cultural groups within the school. He has passed both level 1 & 2 and hopes to achieve the same thing in level 3

PREFECT – Aleesha Faatea

Aleesha is of Pasifika, European decent. She was born and raised in the 834(TAT). She loves sport and anything where she can be creative such as art and fashion. Aleesha has been involved with many sporting and cultural groups at school. Her goal is to endorse level 3 with E and be a positive role model to Maori and Pasifika students!

PREFECT – Devyn Smith

Devyn Smith is of Māori European decent. She grew up in Australia however has lived here for almost seven years so identity, culture and Tikanga is very important to her. Devyns goal is to be a positive influence and role model for other Māori students! She has been involved with many sports within school, has endorsed level 1 and 2 and is hoping to endorse level 3.

PREFECT – Caraway Chiba

Caz is half Japanese, half kiwi and although he spent most of his life up north he feels as though Rutherford is home. Even after attending six schools previously, he is glad he moved to Rutherford for his last few years of school.  Caz is a keen ultimate Frisbee player, skateboarder and surfer. He endorsed levels 1 and 2 with merit and is working towards endorsing level 3 with excellence. Caz is grateful for the help and support of Rutherford and became a prefect to support others as they did for him

PREFECT – Fern Fuimaono

Fern is a proud Samoan. In year 9, she did not believe she would ever be able to be in the position she is in now and she is very grateful. Throughout the past 4 years at Rutherford college, one of the biggest things she learned is to be proud of who she is and where she comes from. Fern hopes this is something she can pass on to the rest of the students during her role.

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