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Senior students have opportunities to be trained and develop leadership skills in a variety of areas: peer support for Year 9 students, peer mediators, peer reading and peer sexuality contact people. Year 13 students also have the opportunity to become school prefects. Year 9/10/11/12 students can become members of the School Council which is led by the prefects.

HEAD GIRL – Camryn Gemmell-Orsborn

I was born and raised as a Te Atatu local – attending Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate before coming to Rutherford College. Plaid and blue had been well worn in my family after many of my cousins, aunties, uncles and even parents schooled here. I come from a Māori family through my mums decent and Tongan family through my dads. Through performing arts, sports and academic responsibilities, Although I take pride in my Māori and pacific island background, I also proudly represent all cultures, genders, religions and all walks of life with respect and acceptance.

HEAD BOY – Andre Fa’aoso

I am a born and raised westie, living in Te Atatu for my entire life – the 834 and 835, Tat North and South are important parts of me. I have a mixed background, my Mum is from England – being born and partly raised in the Northern reaches of the country, and my Dad is a full Tongan who emigrated here 25 years ago. I attended Rutherford Primary, moved onto Rangeview Intermediate and levelled up and became a part of the Kotuku flock. It has led me to now, where the growth I have experienced has given me the honour to say that I am your Head Boy for 2022. Malo, I hope to see you around school.


I’m passionate about community and improving our environment, as homage to my ancestors caring for our whenua and people is one of my ultimate responsibilities. I enjoy organising and pulling together projects. One of the projects I’m most proud of is the Tawa Esplanade project which I still continue to be involved restore local awa in collaboration with Te Wai O Pareira. For the future I’m hoping to do a bachelor of commerce conjoint with a bachelor of arts majoring in something to do with policy and international affairs at either Auckland or Victoria university.

DEPUTY HEAD GIRL – Teuila Leota-Matai’a

I’ve been given the privilege and honour of being one of the Deputy Head Girls for 2022. Grew up in West Auckland, I’m the youngest of 4 girls and I was raised by a solo mum. My mum and sisters are my greatest motivators and role models. Growing up in an all girls household, showed me the type of woman that I aspire to be everyday. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many strong female figures in my life.I cannot wait for what 2022 holds.

DEPUTY HEAD BOY – Joshua Siaki

I attended Matipo Primary, Te Atatū Intermediate, and am looking forward to my last year at Rutherford College. I have endorsed NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with excellence and I am hoping to do the same for Level 3. At the end of Year 13, I hope to go to the University of Auckland to do a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Music Conjoint Degree. As a minority group, any Pacific prefect carries the flag for all Pacific students within our school and this is something I am truly proud and passionate to be able to do.

DEPUTY HEAD BOY – Lincoln Henry

I’m very interested in shoe reselling, sports and spending time with friends. I went to Freyberg Primary School followed by Rangeview Intermediate where I got the opportunity of being head boy. Some highlights from my time at Rutherford College were making new friends, being in the sports committee and finally being able to put a team in for rugby in 2021. As a prefect, I want to be able to improve our school environment and make sure that everyone is coping with their workloads and situations.

PREFECT – Ann Lowe

I was born and raised in Te Atatu, attending Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate. My parents both come from China and I have three older sisters that have all attended Rutherford College. My family has been a big inspiration and influence on my life, which is something I am always grateful for. In my spare time, I like reading, playing games, and playing the violin. I hope to increase student involvement in extracurricular activities and opportunities such as ones I have experienced. I am honoured to be a prefect and excited to work together with other prefects in 2022.

PREFECT – Krishna Tolova’a

I was born in Samoa before moving to New Zealand when I was 3, and here me and my family of 7 have lived in West Auckland ever since. I am passionate about Sports, Movies, TV and Global Politics. I applied for prefect as I felt I needed to give back to the school for the amazing time they have provided me with, and I hope that as a prefect I can serve as not only the best that our year group can offer but also serve as inspiration to younger kids in here as well.

PREFECT – Leona Naumovska

My family and I are of Macedonian origin, a Balkan country located in Southern Europe, which my family left in 2000, making me the only one born here in NZ from my family. Both of my older brothers attended Rutherford College, one of whom is on the Dux board. I always knew I would be attending this school just like them, and was always hopeful of following in their successful footsteps. I aspire to be the best version of myself and make my parents proud.

PREFECT – Marissa Ogilvie

Hi my name is Marissa, I am privileged to be the wellbeing prefect for 2022. I believe strongly in the importance of mental health and physical health which is why I am very excited to see what this year has in store for me within the role. I am a friendly person despite my rbf and love making as many new connections with people as possible. I’m a very lighthearted and honest person and enjoy being active in my spare time. I have lived in Te Atatu Peninsula my whole life, attending Peninsula primary and Te Atatu intermediate before coming to Rutherford. Over the past 4 years at Rutherford I have been involved in a number of sports including premier netball, second XI football and swimming champion for the past 4 years and was also the 2021 Sports Captain. Rutherford has had a huge impact in shaping me into the person I am today. I endorsed ncea level 1 with merit and level 2 with excellence and intend to do the same this year. In 2022 I am taking pe, outdoor education, dance, stats, physics and english. When I leave Rutherford I plan on joining the defence force and becoming a pilot. I made this decision because I love to travel and want to help others and make an impact in the world around me. I wanted to be a prefect so I could support my fellow peers within my role as much as possible. My goal for this year is to enjoy my last year of highschool as much as I can before heading into the real world next year.

PREFECT – Mia Reihana

Leadership has never been an area I would commonly put my hand up for as I am used to a more backstage role. However, the opportunity of prefect gives me the ability to expand my abilities, form new relationships and ultimately become a more well-rounded person. I am excited for the new role I am taking on and a final hurrah to finish off my high school journey. I have enjoyed the sports and wellbeing culture of the school. I hope to be an influential figure for many young students who are growing up and learning to become themselves. I have a lot more to learn about life but I am hoping to really grow as a person this year and help others achieve their own personal goals too. I am excited to work with a group of young individuals with good ideas and keen on the ability to get closer with my peers on the prefect team. I want to finish high school knowing I did something and am proud of myself as well as my experiences and learning curves along the way. Rutherford has been an amazing school and I hope this year is my chance to give back.

PREFECT – Prasan Gurunathan

Namaste, my name is Prasanakumaar Gurunathan. Prasana means joyous, and kumaar means son in Sanskrit, however people just call me Prasan. I was born in Auckland, and have lived in Te Atatu Peninsula for as a long as I can remember. Rutherford Primary, Te Atatu Intermediate, and Rutherford College have been my playgrounds since the age of five. Music is a huge interest of mine. I’ve always played the piano, and in year 8 I discovered a deep passion for hip hop music. Now I write my own lyrics and it’s a means of therapy and expression for myself. At Rutherford College, my biggest highlights have been my time spent in the performing arts; junior and senior productions, art workshops, concerts, and Indian dance. What stands out for me aren’t just the performances alone. The times spent with the homies not only being creative, but together, has been magical. I have been given the privilege of being a leader of the cultural committee. To me, I see this privilege as my opportunity to give back to the cultural and performing arts community at Rutherford for shaping who I am. That’s essentially what drove me to becoming a prefect; yes, I owed it to my parents, but above all else, it was the school and it’s people who have shaped who I am as a person.

PREFECT – Yani Llavizher

I’ve grown up on Te Atatu Peninsula my whole life as an only child. Before coming to Rutherford College, I went to Matipo Primary, and then Te Atatu Intermediate. I like the sense of community we have on the Peninsula because you can run into people you know anywhere. I’ve appreciated my time at Rutherford College. I welcome the challenge of learning new things and work hard to keep up in my subjects. I endorsed with merit at NCEA level 1 and endorsed with excellence at NCEA level 2. Highlights at Rutherford have been the two field trips for Geography to Rotorua and Mt Ruapehu. Going on Steinlager Ⅱ with the Spirit of Adventure trust when taking part in their leadership programme taught me collaboration among leaders, this helped me in Peer Mentoring in 2021. I enjoyed working with my year nine class as a peer mentor to make it the best year it could be under the circumstances. I wanted to become a prefect to have the opportunity to inspire students and help shape the school. I’m looking forward to doing more for Rutherford and helping the school as it has helped me.

PREFECT – Alex Burns

Kia Ora, my name is Alex Burns and I’m a pretty simple guy. To me, less is more.. I’m easy to please but hard to satisfy. My journey throughout Rutherford College has been personal to me and my lifestyle such as school football, and classes I enjoy taking. Te Atatu Peninsula has always been my home, however, I’ve had many other homely environments. My place of work, football clubs, and dance studios. All places where I’ve been introduced to a cohesive family of peers. Outside of home and school, these are places in which I feel or have felt a strong connection with the people alongside me. I’d do anything for my teammates and peers no matter how important or insignificant it may be. I believe that this sort of attitude is extremely important to succeeding as a team and helps create long lasting relationships. I wouldn’t call myself a social butterfly, however, I enjoy meeting new people and having ice breaking conversations to discover a part of who they are. Please understand that I’m neither a brick wall nor a chatterbox when talking, and I can promise I am extremely capable of talking about subjects other than just football. A valuable lesson I’ve learnt from my time so far at Rutherford, is to throw myself into different situations and be open minded about meeting new people. The world is a big place with lots of adventures and opportunities to conquer at any moment. I aim to one day look back and read this Prefect Bio of mine without any regrets.

PREFECT – Annie Cheng

Hi, my name is Annie! My ethnicity is Chinese but I was born and raised in NZ. Before coming to Rutherford college, I knew barely anybody. It was extremely nerve-racking but so worth it, I have made several new friends and met some amazing teachers. From my years at Rutherford, I have participated in many sports and groups, all of which I am very grateful to have taken part in. Academics-wise I have endorsed NCEA levels 1 and 2 with excellence and am hoping to do the same with NCEA level 3. These past 4 years have flown by, my experience at Rutherford has shaped who I am and I’m eager to contribute back to the school community. My motivation for being Prefect is to make a positive change within the school by helping others to enjoy themselves and strive for personal excellence – Tohea! I am honoured to be a prefect for 2022.

PREFECT – Ashley Kroon

Hey, I’m Ashley and I’m a 2022 Prefect for Rutherford College. I have endorsed NCEA level one and two with Excellence and im striving to continue this to Level three. After watching the past prefects come and go, I feel as though it is my time to give back to the school and make our school environment more positive and inclusive to optimise the potential of our students. Football is one of the many sports I have played for Rutherford, and it’s definitely my favourite as I love working in a team and overcoming challenges together. Being a Peer Mentor in 2021 gave me the confidence to lead and be an example for the coming generation, as well as support them in their shift for highschool. I wanted to be a prefect for Rutherford as I strongly believe in making school a more comfortable and inclusive place for everyone to be in. School is a place to learn and take opportunities and it’s important to me that everyone gets a chance to learn in a way that is best for them. I believe that 2022 will be a successful year for the prefect team and I’m excited to see what will come. :)

PREFECT – Dayton Henry

Hey, my name is Dayton Henry. I am a twin brother and have grown up in Te Atatu South for most of my life. I have attended Freyberg Primary school, Rangeview Intermediate school, and now Rutherford College. Ever since my start in schooling, I have strived to be my best. n Rangeview Intermediate, I was deputy head boy. In Rutherford college, I have participated in many activities such as Peer Mentoring, Kapa Haka, Rugby union, Sports committee, and now the prefect team for 2022. I like to involve myself in activities outside of school such as rugby, tag, and working. I have many hobbies such as shoe reselling, skateboarding, and playing basketball. Throughout the years, I have gotten to know many people. I am very approachable and easy to talk to. I have really enjoyed growing up at Rutherford College and have enjoyed striving for personal excellence while endorsing Ncea level 1 and 2 with excellence. I am very thankful to have the opportunities that have been presented to me and am very thankful for my family and friends who push me in the right direction every day. If I was to advise my past self or other students, I would tell them to calm down and relax and do what they love. I hope to excel in leadership at Rutherford college and go on to further my leadership skills outside of school. I hope that I can inspire others to thrive. I’m looking forward to the year ahead and all of the possibilities it will bring along the way.

PREFECT – Emma Oram

Kia ora, Im Emma Oram. I went to Peninsula Primary school then on to Te Atatu Intermediate to finally become a Rutherfordian. I have four amazing, talented siblings that showed me the pathway and guided me through my years at Rutherford. Along the way, I figured out, on my own, how to be independent and work hard. My time at Rutherford has shaped and developed the person I am today. I previously have found it challenging to have confidence in myself, to speak my mind and to take up new opportunities. In year nine I was very shy and made sure I didn’t make a mistake. Within the next three years of my stay at Rutherford I found my voice as I was frequently pushed out of my comfort zone. Therefore, I found value in trying new things and giving things a go regardless of the possibility of making a mistake. As making mistakes taught me something new. I also found that I have the ability to be a role model as last year I was a peer mentor. Being a peer mentor was a big step to encourage me to branch out around the school. It taught me how much worth I find in helping people. I know that I’ll be a vital part of the prefect team as I’m passionate about encouraging and influencing students at our school. I find extreme value in serving people and respecting people in a way that they feel worthy and accepted in an environment, and as a prefect this will be what I strive towards.

PREFECT – Jaanvi Jamnadas

My name is Jaanvi. My older brother also attended Rutherford College, so it was naturally my next move. Before coming to Rutherford College, I attended Summerland Primary and Glen Eden Intermediate School. Coming into high school knowing few people was nerve racking, but despite not having attended the local schools Rutherford was welcoming and helped me to find my place and grow as a person. I’ve been involved in many different opportunities offered by the school, including peer mentoring, student council, robotics and many more allowing me to create memories and friends that will last a lifetime. I have endorsed both NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Excellence and I aim to do the same for NCEA Level 3. In the future I hope to go to university and study engineering as I have always had a keen interest in working towards and coming up with new inventions to create a brighter future by solving problems. I hope to be able to give back to the school and wider community as part of the 2022 prefect team.

PREFECT – Joshua Kuang

I am Joshua Kuang and I was born and raised in Te Atatu. Both of my parents were raised in China and it led to me being raised in a Chinese household with a little Kiwi spice. Growing up, I have attended Rutherford Primary, Te Atatu Intermediate and now Rutherford College. I enjoy playing sports and being active within the school giving many things a go. Although I was nervous to do most things stepping into a college for the first time, the community the school offered has made me more confident and ultimately, is the reason I am actively involved in activities within Rutherford. My academics have been improving every year so far having both NCEA level 1 and 2 endorsed with excellence and will aim for the same at level 3. The teaching environment, public environment and community in Rutherford has made me more comfortable towards my academics and to be able to express myself. Now, being selected to be a part of the prefect team of Rutherford College, I would love to become a role model to all students, help pave their own journey and to inspire students to become more involved within the school.

PREFECT – Kathryn Jeung-Mcintyre

I was born in West Auckland and have lived on the peninsula my whole life. My half kiwi and half-Korean culture is something I am proud of. I am the second child out of three in my family to attend Rutherford college after my older sister. My interests are sports, drawing, listening to and playing music, I hope in my future career I can work with and help others. Year 9 camp was one of my favourite memories at Rutherford, it was a huge amount of fun and a chance for me to really connect with my classmates and form friendships that will last long after high school. Returning to camp again as a peer mentor was just as fun, working with the year 9s was challenging but super rewarding. I have always looked up to and appreciated previous years’ prefects and what they do for Rutherford college. Giving back to the school as previous is something I look forward to doing this year as a perfect. I hope to do this by taking part and being involved in school life, helping with activities, and creating an example of positive attitudes towards school to support other pupils in the Rutherford college family.

PREFECT – Kea Churchill

I was born in England and moved to New Zealand when I was 7 years old. I am of Cook island and English descent. I first attended Flanshaw Road school and Te Atatu Intermediate before coming to Rutherford College. In my family of 5, there are my parents and my two younger brothers. I enjoy outdoor activities like going on walks, bike rides or to the beach and also sports like netball, athletics and more. I also enjoy trying out new sports and activities which is why I tried playing football for the school this year and am hoping to try out another sport or group next year. I endorsed level 1 and 2 with excellence and am hoping to also endorse level 3. I was lucky to receive sports awards for netball and athletics during my time at Rutherford. My highlights at Rutherford are going to camp with friends and basically any school event that I enjoyed with my friends. After high school I want to attend University, I hope to use this year to figure out what to study. I want to be a prefect because I would like to be a role model who inspires the younger Rutherford students, while also contributing back to the school that has been supportive throughout my own time at Rutherford. I also would like to be someone who people can come to when they need help or any kind of support. I hope to be a positive representative of the school and its environment by working with the team and supporting each other and the rest of the school.

PREFECT – Ngaire Moore

Hi! My name is Ngaire Moore and I am a part of the prefect team for 2022. I come from a family of four, including myself, with my older brother Callum attending Rutherford before me. I have lived in Te Atatu South my whole life, attending Tirimoana primary, then Rangeview Intermediate before finally coming to Rutherford College. I am a driven and passionate student, I love to learn and I take a lot of pride in achieving good grades, having achieved both NCEA level 1 and 2 with excellence endorsements. I am also very passionate about art, and it is a massive hobby of mine, especially now that I have finished level 3 painting and no longer have to meet NCEA standards (YAY). I’ve got a lot of great memories from my time at Rutherford but one of the biggest highlights for me would definitely be going to camp Adair, both as a year 9 and this year as a peer mentor. Both were very different experiences, but extremely rewarding especially in terms of my growth as a leader. I applied to be a prefect for 2022 because I find that I really enjoy and thrive in leadership roles. I enjoy taking part in the school community and am very excited for the opportunity to give back to my peers and the staff at Rutherford for all the good memories and amazing opportunities I’ve gained while here. It’s always been a big goal of mine to become a prefect and I’m very grateful and excited to be a part of the team for this year!

PREFECT – Paris Pickering

Ko Ngatokimatawhaoroa toku waka

Ko Nukutawhiti toku kaihautu

Ko Papatara toku tohunga

Ko Te Ramaroa toku maunga

Ko Whirinaki toku Awa

Ko Tuwhatero toku Wairere

Ko hokianga toku moana

Ko Pa Te Aroha, raua ko matai aranui toku marae

Ko Nga Puhi toku iwi

Ko Paris Ahau

I’m Paris, I was born and raised in tat north and attended Peninsula Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate before I came to Rutherford. I’m the middle child of 5 but the last to attend Rutherford. My main interest/hobbies is sports, in particular rugby league and waka ama. I have been doing both of these sports since I was 5 and I’m still very passionate about them. One of my favourite highlights during my time at Rutherford would have to be being able to play in our first girls league team, having that opportunity to grow the game within our school but also have fun with my team during the season. The main reason why I wanted to become a prefect was so that I could set an example for other maori/pasifica students by being someone they can look up to and show them that there’s more to do at school than just eat your lunch.

PREFECT – Ryan Stanton

Hi my name is Ryan, I am a prefect for 2022. Things I enjoy doing are playing sports, like tennis and swimming, spending time with family and friends and playing video games in my free time. I have so far enjoyed my past 4 years at Rutherford and am looking forward to my last year. So far I have achieved NCEA level 1 and 2 with merit and am looking to do the same with level 3. What I aspire to achieve when I leave school is something within the medical field, eg: paramedic or general practitioner as I enjoy helping people in any ways that I can. My favourite part about Rutherford is the culture of the school and knowing that each and every day will be a different day, whether that is a new experience or a new event around the school, there’s always something new to experience. A random fact about me is that I am half deaf meaning that I cannot hear out of my left ear which has always created a challenge for me however I am very approachable around school and always enjoy meeting new faces.

PREFECT – Sri Kadali

My name is Sri Kadali, my family and I come from an Indian origin and in 1998, my father, mother and older brother decided to move to New Zealand, which we now call home. I was born in 2005, meaning I am the only one in the family to be fully born and raised in New Zealand. For 10 years of my life, I lived in Central Auckland and attended Mount Roskill Primary and Intermediate. In 2015 we moved to West Auckland, a daunting yet exciting move for me as I had to start from scratch. Attending Rutherford College at first was a challenge for me as I knew no one, a fresh start. However, I slowly overcame this challenge as I utilised opportunities provided to me at Rutherford College as well as making new friends that I intend to keep for a lifetime. As a student leader, I will use my role as a leader toward younger year levels to make sure everyone is included in the diverse atmosphere of Rutherford College and the country we live in. This aspiration originated from my will to help my fellow peers when they were at their lowest as well as to help society as a whole with a strong focus on mental wellbeing, self-efficacy and understanding the importance of our actions in our efforts to create a better world, for our people and our environment.

PREFECT – Tyler Fairbairn

Hello my name is Tyler and I am delighted to be chosen as a prefect for 2022. I have grown up on the peninsula my entire life attending Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate. My father Derek is pure New Zealand bred and comes from Wellington and my Mother Fiona is half Maori and is from Auckland. Our family’s iwi is Ngati Porou and is from the east coast of Aotearoa. I have one older brother who has also gone through Rutherford College and has now got a building apprenticeship. My whole life I’ve enjoyed a range of sports but mostly football and basketball have always been my favourite. I started playing football when I was 4 years old because my brother played it and I have been a Liverpool fan for as long as I can remember. It was a lifelong dream to become a professional, however as I got older, I put more focus into my study.  Overall I am very excited to be able to help and represent the school for 2022.

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