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Studio Show 2 – Revive

Revive – Rutherford’s second and last studio show of the year was held in the school hall from the 28th-30th August 2018.   It was called ‘REVIVE’ because it was just that – a fresh revival of our renowned dance department. The new space, feel, and overall experience of the show was super exciting for both performers and the audience, with the tiered seating, side lighting, and floor situated stage transforming the school hall into a space almost unrecognizable. The second studio show had only limited seats with a total of 130 tickets available per night which all sold out, adding extra motivation for the performers to step up their game to match the amazing new space.

The show featured dance pieces by students from years 9 through to year 13, choreographed by either students, teachers, guests, or a combination. Some of these pieces were works in progress by year 13 students for their upcoming senior dance show, which were all really inspiring to the younger dancers and the audience members. It was also the last ever school studio show out of 8 shows for the Year 13 dancers; closing night was significant and emotional for them all as it was their last time dancing as a class.

All performers spend a good deal of time preparing, often putting in lots of extra choreography and rehearsal time outside of class, evident in the high quality of the show which was well received by audiences. Although this hard work takes a lot of energy and time away from other subjects and commitments, being a part of this fresh and exciting show was totally worth it.

Our dance students at Rutherford are very privileged to have such an incredible and talented dance teacher in Miss Exeter.  She encourages and guides her students to push their boundaries and challenge themselves further so they can produce and perform an outstanding dance piece. Thank you Miss Exeter, without you the show would not be such a professional and mesmerizing performance.  This year the dance students were also fortunate to have experienced dancers and choreographer Joash Fahitua and Otis Donovan Herring.

The dance teachers are extremely proud of all the discipline, dedication and hard work put in by all the dance students this year from years 9-13.  We would also like to thank all the staff, students, whanau and wider community from the dance department for the continual support.

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