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Studio Show

Over three nights from 3-5 April, Rutherford’s dance department kicked off the year with their first studio show, Zones.

With both juniors and seniors combining their talents came an hour long masterpiece of a compilation of performances – supervised by our amazing dance teacher, Miss Exeter – that were individually short and sharp yet leaving the crowd wanting more.

As a special event of our final night, our beloved Kapa Haka team, Te Kotuku performed their stunning piece in preparation for the rescheduled Polyfest which is most definitely going to secure them a spot at the Kapa Haka national stage.

Following this piece came the main event, which was performed across all three nights; Zones. These beautiful dances portrayed meaningful ideas through their postmodern ballads to slow rock, leaving the crowd simply in awe at our young talents.

The performers commanded attention throughout the whole night and did not disappoint at all. Yet to those who were unable to attend and missed the chance to see our talents in action, don’t worry as there will be plenty more opportunities throughout the year to get a sneak peek at what Rutherford’s young talents are capable of.

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