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Swimming Sports 2022

It was a fantastic day on Tuesday, 22 February for our annual swimming sports. There was a change in format this year due to the constraints of covid, which gave our competitive swimmers the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The racing was intense with a smaller number of students involved though most were in multiple events throughout the afternoon. They were effectively jumping in, out, and back into the pool, but each race was as competitive as the next.

All were happy with the efforts of the swimmers and their high involvement certainly tested their endurance and recoverability.

To the staff that assisted on the day; and especially to our Sports Committee who put in a big effort to set everything up, executing a number of roles throughout the day along with competing successfully in the event itself, thank you very much!

The Staff v Sports Committee relay is always the highlight of the day. As our Instagrammers would have already seen via video footage, our staff were once again victorious leaving our Sports Committee in their wake!!

It was exciting to witness a very talented group of swimmers and this was clearly evident with numerous school records broken. The day however belonged to new student Amy Thomson (Junior Girl Champion) with impressive results, setting new benchmarks in every event, some of which have been held since 2011.
1L Freestyle – 20.52
2L Freestyle – 44.12
1L Backstroke – 24.41
2L Backstroke – 53.43
1L Breaststroke – 28.19
2L Breaststroke – 1.03.15
1L Butterfly – 21.31
Medley – 1.58.91

Following right behind Amy was our Junior Boys swimming champion, Dylan Chapman with some outstanding performances breaking the following records.
1L Freestyle – 19.27
2L Freestyle – 42.34
1l Butterfly – 21.28
Medley – 1.56.22

Some more records broken on the day were:
Dylan Lim – Junior Boys 1L Backstroke – 23.91
Dylan Marias – Junior Boys 2L Backstroke – 53.93
Emma Chapman – Intermediate Girls Medley – 2.10.30

Congratulations to the following students who are our Swimming Champions for 2022. Those students will be competing at the Western Zone Championships on Monday 14 March. All the best to them.
Junior Girls
1st Amy Thomson
2nd Emma Tatt
3rd Alexandra Poor

Junior Boys
1st Dylan Chapman
2nd Lukas Turner
3rd Dylan Marais

Intermediate Girls
1st Emma Chapman
2nd Jessie Skinner
3rd Nina Lyons

Intermediate Boys
1st Tre Whitcombe
2nd Tanner Costin
3rd Felix Rasmussen

Senior Girls
1st Marissa Ogilvie

Senior Boys
1st Theo RobbMarkham

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