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Swimming Sports Day

On Wednesday, 19 February we held our Rutherford College Swimming Sports for 2020.

Our Swimming day is a day to have fun, compete, laugh and get wet…and not just in the pool. It seems it was also an opportunity to experience the first rain in Auckland in over a month. A relief to those melting in the heat.

Some amusement to others, and a need for quick thinking for a change in the programme to ensure things stayed on time. However it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and efforts by both students and teachers. There were great efforts in the pool, and some really close races. Once again our Turangawaewae students were impressive in the pool and were encouraged by all, not least the teachers that helped ensure the races were competitive.

Our Sports Committee once again worked hard and played excitingly to ensure this event went as well as could be. Our Prefects chipped in with some colour, and competed admirably in the pool against our Sports Committee and our Teachers.

Cool to see Ms Lauren Boyle, our resident Swimming instructor (and Olympian), book-ending the Teachers relay team though everyone held their own on all teams which was great to see.

Congratulations to all the winners on the day. Results will be commented on in the coming days. To all those who competed thank you for following through on your sign-ups. Makes it a more memorable experience for those that are helping when everyone who can compete is competing. I’m sure you’ll all agree watching a pool full of swimmers in our beautiful pool puts a smile on your face.

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