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Swimming Sports Day

On Friday, 12 February we saw our students enjoy a beautiful bright day to have some fun and compete in the School Swimming championships.

The pool looked a picture with the lane barriers and glistening, inviting water. A number of students signed-up to compete in the various disciplines which was good, but we do need to ensure commitments are fulfilled to have even more in the pool. Whilst we would have liked everyone to be involved, those that did were cheered on by boisterous and excited spectatorship of classes and fellow competitors.

Mr Thompson was once again awesome as our Announcer, and on top of the proceedings for the day.

The racing was fast and furious, and was great to see the competitiveness and house support as the itinerary moved through to individual finals and the house races.  There were some very close finishes that kept our judges and timekeepers on their toes.

There were a total of seven school records broken throughout the meet, including three by Ocean Michaels who keeps re-writing the school record books.

School records broken in 2021
Dominik Bonkovich  – Senior Boys 2L Freestyle 0.40.47 (0.41.00)
Dylan Chapman – Junior Boys 2L Freestyle 0.44.28 (0.45.44)
Felix Rasmussen – Junior Boys 1L Breast stroke 0.27.56 (0.28.41)
Tre Whitcombe – Intermediate Boys 1L Breast stroke 0.24.40 (0.27.84)
Ocean Michael  – Intermediate Boys 1L Freestyle 0.19.09 (0.19.75), Intermediate Boys 2L Breast stroke 0.52.00 (0.58.13), Intermediate Boys Medley 1.54.00 (1.58.00)

The Sports Committee v Prefects v Teachers race was one highlight (which had some sabotage) with a very close finish that our Sports Committee was able to prevail over the mighty teachers team, and the prefects tied up in lane barriers!!!

To the staff that assisted on the day; to the prefects that contributed their part to make the event colourful; and especially to our Sports Committee who put a big shift in to set everything up and executing a number of roles throughout the day along with competing successfully in the event itself, thank you very much!

Results of the day will be forthcoming with some clear-cut junior, intermediate, and senior champions. The minor placings were more closely fought, so it will be interesting who took out these positions. The House Trophy competition is now underway, so let’s have this be a stimulus for competitiveness and participation around the school.

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