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Te Atatu Intermediate Challenge Day

On Tuesday, 28 August as part of our plan to develop and strengthen partnerships within our Communities of Learning, a group comprised of 10 prefects and Year 9 students visited Te Atatu Intermediate School.

They met with Year 8 students split over two groups to complete activities involving thinking and co-operative challenges and some competition. The purpose was to allow the different aged students to interact so that Rutherford College students could help demystify High School and answer questions the intermediate students have about what it is really like. This was the second intermediate school visit this term as part of the Communities of Learning, to focus on developing seamless relationships for students moving between schools.

Students worked in 10 mixed groups with year 8’s, year 9’s and a prefect in each and their first challenge was a “thinking and then building” activity which resulted in some ingenious designs. There was then an activity to consider answers to common concerns new students often have. Finally, the students completed team co-operative challenges which encouraged strategy, and trial and error.

The day produced great connections between the students and the schools, revealed some excellent thinking and generated a lot of laughter and excitement. Many thanks to all of those involved and a particular thanks to the Rutherford Prefects who really showed the best of what Rutherford has to offer.

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