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The Āpōpō programme

Mental health is an important piece of the holistic vision we have for our staff and students at Rutherford College. New Zealand mental health statistics show that there is much work that can be done in this space. As a school, we are continually working towards supporting our students in this area, particularly in developing their skills to support not only themselves, but others around them too.

At Rutherford, we are about to embark on a programme called Āpōpō – The Next Day. The programme equips our students with some basic and effective tools, so that they can feel confident in their role of supporting those around them. We want to give our students the skills to become an even better family member or friend.

We will deliver the programme to our Year 10 students periods 1 and 2 on Wednesday, 1 June. Parents and caregivers are invited to attend a condensed outline of the programme on Monday, 30 May at 6:00pm in the school hall. Caregivers of students from all year levels are welcome. There is no requirement for parents to RSVP.

The Āpōpō programme delivers helpful information, tips and tools presented by trained facilitators. It is interactive, involving games, activities and opportunities for participants to practice what they’ve learned through the use of role playing in a safe environment.

Āpōpō provides tools for helping our friends, our whanau and ourselves. It looks at the warning signs of someone who is struggling and it emphasises the power and practice of listening. It recognises the importance of asking questions in a safe space, explores the concept, ‘Safe for now’, it teaches skills that anyone can utilise, regardless of their qualification and embraces a holistic approach to health.

Āpōpō is about seeking to add to “the village” of help that already exists and empower youth to become part of that village. Through the learning, it should allow students to improve their relationships with friends and remove some of the stereotypes around talking about how we feel. We expect that it will provide opportunities for our kids to recognise certain behaviours early, ask good questions and then get their friend to the rest of “the village” for more professional help.

If you want more information or clarification about your child’s involvement in the programme please contact Mr Simpson, Deputy Principal on [email protected]

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