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The Northern Dance Networks Festival

This week Rutherford’s year 12 and 13 dance students performed at The Northern Dance Networks Festival You Dance at Epsom Girls Grammar.

The festival is a celebration of youth dance in schools and our communities and presents work from 20 different schools around Auckland. Year 12’s were honoured to open the first show on Tuesday with their piece ‘What is this?’ and Year 13’s presented three works which was a mix of Miss Exeter and their own choreography.

Forty year 11 students also attended to watch the show in support of our students and thoroughly enjoyed the show while witnessing what they could be involved in next year.

Five of our Rutherford Dance students will also perform again at the Manakau Vodafone Events Centre in June in the third show with all new schools also. In this show they will perform ex student Liana Sabetians scholarship piece which gained her No.1 for Dance in NZ last year.

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