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Tongan Relief Fundraiser with One Tree Hill College

Tongan Relief Fund

On the 15th of January 2022, the islands that make up the Kingdom of Tonga were ravaged by multi-metre high tsunami waves and covered in layers of hazardous volcanic ash in the aftermath of the Hunga-Tongan-Hunga-Ha’apai volcanic eruption. As a result of the tsunami waves that inundated the shallow shores and flat limestone landscape, villages along the western coast of Tongatapu (the main island) and on smaller islands within the geographical vicinity of the volcano were hit by strong tsunami waves caused by the underwater explosion. The devastation caused by the volcanic waves and the humanitarian impact of the volcanic ash on food and water supplies sparked a global effort to support the people of Tonga. In February, the Rutherford College head prefects saw fit to make it one of our first initiatives of the year to fundraise and donate to Tonga.

The Rutherford College and One Tree Hill College (OTHC) prefects banded together to gather material and monetary donations for the people of Tonga. One Tree Hill College donated three carloads worth of food, stationery, board games and additional items from their school community. Alongside this, Rutherford College donated more than two hundred and twenty dollars during our cultural dress day for the senior school, which went towards purchasing box sets of school equipment from the Warehouse Stationery to add to the piles donated by Rutherfordians. By the end of the two-week donation drive, the back wall of the hall was lined with van loads worth of goods ready to be packed onto a container and sent to Tonga to benefit the families and children in any way our community could. The Rutherford College prefects express their gratitude for the prefects at OTHC and for the students and staff who contributed to the collection of ready to use goods.

Teuila LEOTA 13BH
Andre FA’AOSO 13BM

(photo with OTHC Prefects)

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