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Tyra Ibbott Takes Gold

Tyra Ibbott is an athlete that has gone from strength to strength in her chosen sport of Sport Climbing (indoor rock climbing). Tyra competed at the interschool’s Climbing Tournament in which she is now competing in the senior category. In her first senior competition Tyra came first with what can only be described as a monster climb in the finals, one marked by pure determination and willpower. In fact, in the finals climb the only person who passed her was the eventual winner of the boy’s category.

What makes her unique is not only is she an athlete putting in hours of time and effort to progressing in the sport, she has also grown into a genuine leader. Tyra is one of our Youth Leaders who is driving her club, she is heading the inclusion program, a voting member of our committee and every day and week is contributing to her club, the sport, and aiding and leading the youth participants. Tyra has become a central part of the culture of the club and an individual many of our youth have come to rely on as a mentor and leader.

We are very proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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