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Ultimate Frisbee Indoor Championships

On Sunday, 16 June, ten students from Rutherford College travelled to the Pulman Arena to represent the school in the Ultimate Frisbee Indoor Championships. The team played five games against schools from all over Auckland.

The students had close competition, and the developing, mostly junior team have learned a lot from the two tournaments they have been to. After the tough competition, we came out at 9th place out of 12. Spirits were high and Caz led the team really well being an inspiration to the others. Rutherford came 3rd (tie) for the best team spirit.

The students involved were Caz Chiba, Archie Bulloch, Dylan Hall, Luke Huang, Ashley Kroon, Derek Macahilig, William Mackrell, Nagire Moore, Matej Petkovski and Fynn Petterson-O’Reilly.

These students really enjoyed the day and represented the school well.

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