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Uniform and Grooming

We are pleased to inform you that the Rutherford School Uniform is now available to purchase online as an easy alternative to purchasing in The Schoolwear Shop. The link for online is:

Your can still purchase The Rutherford Uniform from The Lenco Schoolwear Shop.

Rutherford College also has a pop-up shop based at the school for a couple of days at the beginning of each year.

Second-hand uniform items are also available in our School Shop, which is located in our Accounts Office at the front entrance of the school.

Lenco Schoolwear Shop
Open –  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30-4.30pm, For Saturday 9.00-1.00pm (closed Wednesday, Sunday & Public Holidays)

School Shop (Open During Term Time Only)

The School Shop will be selling second-hand school uniform at the school office on Wednesday, 22 January and Thursday, 23 January from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Stationery and second-hand uniform items are available in our School Shop at Rutherford College – Kotuku Street, Te Atatu Peninsula.

Located in the Accounts Office (on the left of the main entrance to the School Office.)

Opening hours for the Stationery/Uniform Shop are Monday to Friday 8:30am – 3:30pm during term time only.

The Schoolwear Shop

40 Patiki Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026
Ph: 09-838 6164
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5pm
(Lay Bys Available)

Our school PE uniform is now sold at the Schoolwear Shop.

Cultural and Religious Considerations​​​​​​​

Rutherford’s uniform and grooming standards are flexible to meet cultural, religious and other needs.

In these circumstances the parent or caregiver needs to write to the Principal requesting special consideration.


Students are permitted one small stud in each ear or one stud in one ear. Sleepers (small ring-like earrings) are Not permitted. Watches must be worn on the wrist.

A Taonga of cultural significance to our Maori students is permitted, but all other jewellery – necklaces, bracelets, nose studs, other facial piercings, anklets, toe rings are NOT permitted.

Uniform Permits

If students come to school in non-uniform items, they are to obtain a permit from the Deans by 8:25 a.m.

Persistent wearing of non-uniform items without appropriate explanation will result in a loss of school privileges.

Assistance with uniform is available for students under financial duress. The students should see Guidance.


  • Students are to maintain a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Hair is to be a natural colour and in a conservative style.
  • Young men are required to be clean shaven with sideburns no lower than the earlobe.
  • Young women’s make-up – discreet use of foundation and mascara is permissible. No nail polish.
  • Clothing deliberately chosen to be over- or undersized will be regarded as not being neat and tidy.
  • Garments worn under the school uniform must not be visible.
  • Any tattoos are to be fully covered.

Year 9-11 Uniform


Girls’ Uniform Year 9-11

Price (new)
Skirt (tartan pleat) $73.00
Culottes (tartan pleat) $77.00
Blouse (saxe blue) $47.50
Jumper $105.00
Ankle Socks (white or navy) $14.50 (3 Pairs)
Tights (navy or black opaque) Terms 2 & 3 only

Boys’ Uniform Years 9-11

Price (new)
Shorts (Navy) $55.90
Trousers (Navy) $62.90
Year 9-11 polo shirt (Saxe Blue) $38.50
Jumper (Navy Blue) $105.00
Sock – with shorts (under the knee navy) $13.50
Socks – with trousers (navy dress socks) $9.90
Belt – plain leather (max. 2.5cm wide with small plain buckle) $20.00

Other Uniform Items


Price (new)
PE Shirt $40.00
PE Shorts $35.00
Senior Sleeveless Vest (navy)​​​​​​​ $82.00
Jumper (navy) $105.00​​​​​​​
Jacket (navy, waterproof with hood)​​​​​​​ $105.00​​​​​​​
Hat $23.50
Cap $17.50
Scarf ​​​​​​​ $39.00


Shoes must be either black leather closed-shoe style or black leather Roman sandals. Boots, sports shoes and suede shoes are not permitted.

Senior Uniform


Girls’ Uniform Years 12-13

Price (new)
Senior Skirt (Navy) $72.60
Trousers (Navy) $65.50
Blouse (white, short sleeved)​​​​​​​ $46.90
Blouse (white, long sleeved) $51.00
Jumper or Cardigan $105.00
Senior Blazer (navy)​​​​​​​ $100.00
Senior Tie (navy)​​​​​​​ $30.00
Ankle Socks (white or navy) $14.50 (3 Pairs)
Tights (navy or black opaque) Terms 2 & 3 only

Boys’ Uniform Years 12-13

Price (new)
Shorts (Navy) $55.90
Trousers (Navy) $62.90
Year 12-13 short sleeved white shirt $47.50
Year 12-13 long sleeved white shirt $49.50
Senior Blazer (navy)​​​​​​​ $100.00
Pullover Vest (navy)​​​​​​​ $82.00
Senior Tie (navy)​​​​​​​ $30.00
Sock – with shorts (under the knee navy) $13.50
Socks – with trousers (navy dress socks) $9.90
Belt – plain leather (max. 2.5cm wide with small plain buckle) $20.00
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