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Victoria University Open Day

On Friday, 23 August 2019, I went to the Victoria University of Wellington Open Day. The day was filled with lectures and expos which gave me an insight on what life at Victoria University would entail. I also visited six different halls of residence which were very insightful and I found it very important to visit these in person before choosing where to stay next year.

I realised going to the open day and Wellington, in general, was vital in ensuring that this is where and what I want to study. Looking at a university on the internet is not enough to make an informed choice. This applies hugely for the halls of residence, going to them in person really surprised me and I didn’t like quite a few that I thought I would like, and I really liked a few I hadn’t even considered.

Visiting Victoria University was a wonderful experience and I’m very glad I went as it confirmed that I wanted to go there next year. If you are looking at going to a university outside of Auckland, I highly recommend you go visit both the halls of residence and the university.

If you are unsure about going to open days or university in general, going to the Careers Department at school is a great way to find out more information and look at opportunities you didn’t know were out there.

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