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Visit by Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh

On Tuesday, 9 June we were fortunate to have an online meeting with one of New Zealand’s leading poets, Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh. Dr Marsh, an Associate Professor at Auckland University, is a published author and polished performer with a strong Pasifika connection (her mother was from Samoa and Tuvaleu).

In a magical hour, she answered our many questions, displayed her tokotoko (a traditional Māori carved ceremonial walking stick) that she was given for being Poet Laureate, and performed a special piece of her work. She showed us her works in progress (one was just a doodle), samples of her many notebooks and talked about her inspirations.

She ended by challenging us to write our own poems and send them to her this week! Our thanks to ReadNZ, Google Meets technology and the staff and students for making this possible.

The session has been recorded, with Dr Marsh’s permission, to make it available to everyone at Rutherford.

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