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Visual Art courses are suitable for both male and female students of all backgrounds, with any amount of prior knowledge and for all ability levels. Painting, Design, Printmaking, Sculpture and Photography all provide opportunities for success for students with a range of existing abilities and future capabilities.

Visual Art is offered as an option to all students from Year 9 through to year 13. Junior courses are about building basic skills and encouraging students to become excited about creativity. In the senior school, students are able to gain credits towards NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3. All Visual Art subjects at Level 3 are university entrance approved subjects.

Art History is also an option at Levels 2 and 3, for those wanting to know about the contexts for various art styles and especially for those students who are able to demonstrate their level of understanding in writing rather than practically.

During the five years of Visual Art study at Rutherford College students will:

  • View, explore and comment on a range of artworks as sources of inspiration
  • Generate ideas based on an awareness of established practices
  • Develop ideas by applying an ongoing, critical, self-review process
  • Develop and master a range of both traditional and digital media skills
  • Develop learning behaviours like perseverance and personal qualities like resilience
  • Produce quality outcomes by maintaining productive purposefulness

Junior Courses

Year 9 Art

Year 10 Art

Year 10 Design

Senior Courses




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