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Vocational Pathways provide new ways to achieve NCEA Level 2. These pathways will let you see how learning and achievement will be valued in the workplace. They will also suggest the types of study options and job opportunities available to learners.

Employers will be able to see learner strengths, abilities, interests and achievements when they look at the Vocational Pathways information.

Vocational Pathways Profile

The Vocational Pathways Profile is a visual graph that shows learners’ achievement against the Vocational Pathways. A learner will be able to see their progress and identify where they need to raise their level of achievement. This will help learners when planning their courses for the following year. Learners will be able to check that their course selections provide the pathways they need to achieve their goals.

Learners can see their Vocational Pathways Profile whenever they use their learner login.  Achievement is recorded on the learners’ Record of Achievement.

Vocational Pathways Awards

To achieve the Vocational Pathways Award, a learner must:

  • Achieve NCEA Level 2 which includes literacy (10 credits) and numeracy (10 credits) at Level 1 or above, and
  • Achieve 60 x Level 2 credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards for a Vocational Pathways, including 20 x Level 2 credits from Sector-Related standards for the same sector. Credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards and Sector-Related Standards must come from the same Vocational Pathways e.g Service Industries

A learner can achieve more than one Vocational Pathways Award if they complete more than one Vocational Pathway.

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