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Voices from Alice In Wonderland Junior Production

With only a short time we did the MAGICAL thing of performing Alice in Wonderland JNR to family, friends and the wider Te Atatu community. The cast and crew worked hard and should be so proud of their efforts. Here is some of the voices of the casts experiences………..

“ We are all a little mad here…..  But I was not mad to not have jumped at this opportunity because I learnt so much from my wonderful cast and director and it was one of the greatest experience of my life. Thank you to everyone that was apart of Alice in Wonderland” – Ashley (Cheshire Cat)

“ Everyone was super supportive and everyone worked so hard to make the best of the opportunity presented to us. I also got to meet so many new people”   – Jorja (Dancer)

“Everyone was super nice and I made new Friends. I got to step out of my comfort zone and I really enjoyed the experience” – Scarlet (Alice)

“ A great opportunity for us Juniors to get a taste of the performing arts and to move us out of our comfort zone” – Min Su (Dancer)

“I took part in a magical experience that can only be described as AMEOWZING!!!! . Everyone brought something valuable to the table which added to our performances. I am so grateful to work with such a supportive and dedicated team” – Rebecca (Cheshire Cat)

“I was lucky to have worked with such a fantastic, artistic and enthusiastic group of kids. Their energy and commitment to all rehearsals made this production possible. Also a  massive thank you to Perri Exeter, Dohee Kim, Mark Thompson, Kerry Taula and Katie Betanzo who worked incredibly hard to help me get the production off the ground” – Miss Wilson

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