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West Auckland Secondary Schools Student Forum

On Wednesday 27th July myself and a few other students had the opportunity to go to the Auckland Secondary Schools Student Forum. This day was solely based on student leadership and active recreation, held by Sports Waitakere.

Arriving at Motu Moana Scout Camp, we were seated and greeted with all the other schools, getting straight into the presentation. All schools had to mix and mingle, learning more about each other and initially “breaking the ice”. Each of us were given conversation topics and made to talk amongst ourselves. Throughout Burn Brights presentation they were flooding us with valuable information about leadership, values and what leadership is all about.

After the Burn Bright presentation, we were split into year level groups, each participating in different activities such as… Shelter building, ABL games, slack lining, and obstacle courses. Each activity was very interactive and fun for all students. I found the ABL games to be my favourite as we got to know the people in our groups better. In my group it was very easy for us all to speak out and chat around, becoming quite comfortable after such a short time. The activities we participated in really ensured us all to get the most out of the day as well as getting the chance to make new friends from the other schools.

A few of our Rutherford students (Tanner Costin, Mia Dargaville and Lincoln Henry) took home three of the five prizes available to win. Leaving with double passes to different sponsors such as, Tree Adventures, Jump, Paradise Ice Skating and more.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and know that the other students who went along with me did too!

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