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Whānau House Committee Leadership day

On May 15, a newly formed Whānau House committee dedicated to promoting house unity attended a day-long leadership course.The day was a great success, thanks to the comprehensive training provided by Burn Bright, a well-known leadership organization. The program was designed to equip committee members with the necessary skills to become effective leaders in their respective houses. The course covered a range of topics, including what makes a good leader, how to inspire and motivate others, and strategies for building a strong and cohesive team.Throughout the day, participants engaged in interactive activities and discussions that encouraged them to reflect on their own leadership styles and to identify areas for growth and improvement. They learned about the importance of communication, empathy, and trust in building successful teams, and they explored strategies for overcoming common challenges that arise when working with others.In addition to developing their leadership skills, participants also focused on ways to cultivate pride in their house. Burn Bright emphasized the importance of creating a shared vision and working together towards common goals. Participants were encouraged to take ownership of their houses and to celebrate their successes.Overall, the House Leadership day was a valuable experience for all involved. Participants left with a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader, as well as practical tools and strategies for building strong, unified teams. They also gained a newfound appreciation for the importance of house pride and the role it plays in creating a positive and supportive environment.The committee members and school is grateful for the opportunity to have had Burn Bright facilitate this program and looks forward to building on the momentum of this successful event.

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