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Winter Sport

As the colder weather approaches, many Rutherford students will be wearing the Kotuku with pride as they start their chosen sport. We have 67 teams competing across 8 codes on a weekly basis.

  • Squash – 4 Teams
  • Badminton – 15 Teams
  • Netball – 14 Teams
  • Football – 10 teams
  • Basketball – 9 Teams
  • Hockey – 3 Teams
  • Table Tennis – 10 Teams
  • Rugby – 2 Teams

It is therefore a good time to remind everyone of our Fair Play Expectations and being a good sport in line with the wider Rutherford School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Excellence.

We are here to create a positive sporting environment where we all play our part and play fair.

At Rutherford College the commitment of our students when in a school team is very important.  This year we have introduced a contract that is required to be signed by our students and parents.

This document is to support our coaching staff in the various sports teams.  This is also to make sure students and parents are aware of what is expected of them when representing our College.

  • Attend all training and games (or give the coach reasonable notice if you are unable to attend).
    • Note:  If you are injured or have a minor illness you are still required to attend.
  • Treat your coach and team management with respect at all times.  This includes accepting decisions, implementing team strategies to the best of your ability, and being open and honest with all communication.
  • Treat your team mates with respect at all times. This means supporting and encouraging your team mates at training and games, especially from the bench.  It also includes “airing dirty laundry” with the team or the coach to enable the group to find a solution to problems. You must not use social media as a form of outlet if you have any issues with the team.
  • Represent Rutherford with pride and excellence. This means wearing the uniform correctly, playing with intensity and integrity, and treating the opposition and officials with respect.
  • Pay all related fees promptly, or make arrangements for ongoing payments.
  • Supporters are to demonstrate respect at all times. This includes accepting the decisions of the coach/management team and the officials, encouraging all players on the court, and keeping all comments as generic as possible (i.e. please don’t offer instruction to players from the side line as it may be confusing for players if they have been asked to implement something different as part of the team strategy).
  • No parent should be present at the half -time talk that the coach holds with their team members. As you can also understand every coach has their own style of coaching and parents should respect this, be supportive and recognize the value and importance of volunteer coaches. There is only ONE coach so please do not question their decisions in front of the team members.

We are looking forward to an exciting season with you and our child. Your support is always appreciated

I hope you all have an enjoyable winter season.

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