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Winter Sports

After a forced interruption in sport caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, our students are happy to know that the school winter sports season is back in full swing with a huge number enjoying the competition.

Given the green light, the gym doors have been sprung open, padlocks removed, playing fields opened and the hearing of whistles being blown seems to have reignited the students desire to engage in sports. Our senior students will certainly be loving being back with their teammates, as this will be one last shot for many to wear the Kotuku on their chest.

Although this period held challenges for the Sports Department to get the teams organized in a short period, it is heartening to see so many of our Tamariki back on the playing fields/courts, as sports can play such a big part in their school life. Despite it being very difficult to initially find coaches this year, we did it – and I would like to take this opportunity to give huge thanks to the parents, staff and students who continue to offer help and support.

It is exciting to see 60 teams competing across 10 sporting codes of a weekly basis.

Winter sports at Rutherford encompasses a great variety of codes. Here is a snapshot of the numbers per sporting code:
Archery               29         Badminton            86
Basketball          64          Football                 159
Hockey               72          Netball                    99
Rugby                 27          Rugby League        25
Squash                17          Table Tennis          23

Sports within Rutherford helps our Tamariki understand that success is about much more than winning or losing. No matter the outcome, students will develop a sense of belonging, teamwork and respect for others. With so much action happening over a reduced season, we still want to keep you all involved and as such, will be letting you all know overall results for each sport at the end of the season.

Here’s to another successful season despite a slightly staggered start.

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