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World Vision Youth Conference

On Monday, 19 March, 11 student leaders went to the annual World Vision Youth Conference held at Vodafone Events Centre. This was an international leadership event for secondary school leaders to run a global campaign known as World Vision. World Vision helps refugees meet their basic needs of food, child friendly space, education and more. The day was designed to ignite a passion for justice and equality in young New Zealanders students through guest speakers, motivational images and videos, along with providing students with leadership tools.

The event was tied in with the 40 Hour Famine and included content that can inspire any social activity in school and further community. The focus of this year’s 40 Hour Famine was the South Sudan refugee crisis.

At the World Vision youth conference, students learnt about the lives of child refugees in South Sudan – the desperate situation the children are living in. Some children were forced flee their home without their parents or even the knowledge of whether their father or mother was alive due to gun-shooting, bombs and further abuse. Some had to escape with their siblings and were forced to make multiple tough decisions to run away from home while being at risk of being shot. Young orphans had to flee to Uganda over the three tedious months in order to live in a safer environment and to escape a place of conflict.

As teenagers, we are often looked down on by the society but we are capable of making a change in the lives of people across the world. Taking part in planning for 40 Hour Famine at Rutherford is exciting because as a school, we can make a difference in the lives of refugees in South Sudan.

There is hope for those children dealing with horrific circumstances to be able to feel secure, free and happy and we as Rutherford, can help make that come true.

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