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During the last few weeks of school, our students were given the chance to do something a little different in their PE lessons. Olympic Wrestling coach, Clinton Terry, a professional coach based at Club Physical Te Atatu, came along to the school to pass on his expertise. This was offered to a few Junior PE classes as an alternative activity on the back of sessions that were run for Rutherford Primary schools students.

The Primary school students came across to our Gym to “Have a go” with Clinton 3 times per week, and we were lucky enough to keep him on for an afternoon session for our Juniors.
The kids who participated had a fantastic time with Clinton! He was quick to teach them basic holding and takedown techniques and then allowed them to practice wrestling each other. Our students not only learnt wrestling skills but the values of integrity and respect through ensuring they were safe and fair.

To see more about Clinton and Club Physical Wrestling (Including a post about our Rutherford College Students) see the facebook link below.

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