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Year 10 Business Studies – Market Day

On Friday, 24 July the Year 10 Business Studies class were thrilled to have the opportunity of having the experience to carry out a Market Day within Rutherford College. This was a very special day where the students were able to put their knowledge about marketing into practice by selling any products that we desired to the whole school and experience a day where we would have a brief understanding of what it takes to run a business in the real world.

Within term 2, the students within the classroom were divided into their own distinct groups to plan the inputs and outputs of the marketing process which took a lot of time, skill and effort to produce. There was a wide range of products that were sold within our market day which included food in particular such as sundaes, hot chips, dumplings, sandwiches, pop tarts, fudge and so much more. This helped to show what each of the groups we are capable of producing while also sparing time to have fun producing goods that were likely to satisfy customers. The competition to attract customers with our chosen product was very hectic but overall the relief of selling out and pleasing our consumers was everything that we all pursued to achieve.

The Market Day was such an enjoyable opportunity that allowed us Year 10 Business Students to apply our strengths and use what we have learnt about marketing during Term 2 and understand how it may apply within our lives as we grow to understand how businesses operate in the real business world.

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