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Year 11 Study Skills Day

On Wednesday, 4 September, a group of six Year 11 students went to Massey University, Albany Campus, to participate in the study skills day. We were accompanied by our Year 11 Dean, Miss Simpson and Miss Ryan from our Careers Department.

With a great opportunity in learning more about memory skills and what our own personal ideal learning habits are, we got to enjoy and sit through some great learning workshops, one regarding memory skills and the other regarding learning skills, where we took a test to discover what type of learners we personally are.

At the start of the program, we were introduced to the plan for the day and were later split into different teams competing in little group activities, such as an amazing race and a debating discussion. We were introduced to the different opportunities at Massey and what it had in store for us if we were to choose to study at Massey University in the future.

The students had a great day and left the auditorium with more confidence in themselves and their learning abilities, preparing themselves for the end of year exams.

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