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Year 12 Geography field trip to Aoraki, Mt Cook

For the second year running the Year 12 Geography field trip to Aoraki, Mt Cook was a huge success.  Over 4 days students experienced the full range of unique experiences that only Aoraki can offer. From a 30 cm snow fall to brilliant sunshine and clear skies. From the amazing vast environment of the Mackenzie Basin to the grandeur of Aoraki up close, students had their eyes opened to what it really means to be a geographer.

It was hard to pick a single highlight, whether it be the physically challenging Red Tarns track in heavy snow, boating on the Tasman glacial lake, the amazing Big star gazing, seeing the night sky like never before or just the amazing cooking of Ms Bakker. Undoubtedly all students have come out of this trip with a richer understanding of the uniqueness of New Zealand’s natural environment and just how vulnerable this environment actually is.

Understanding Geography is integral in helping our students gain the knowledge to ensure that our natural environment survives for the future.

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