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Year 12 Science Field Trip

On June 3rd, the Year 12 Science class headed off on a day trip to Rangitoto Island.
Mr Thomas and Mr Cartwright drove us into town in the big blue Kotuku vans to catch the ferry over to the island. Grey clouds and showers were predicted to hit us while travelling to the peak, although they happened to be very short spurts of rain. As we made our way up to the peak, we made stops where Mr Cartwright and Mr Thomas shared their knowledge. Some key information they taught us includes, the types of rocks that were formed from the eruption, products from the volcanic eruption and how they have developed over the years and how it is linked to other volcanoes in Auckland and Hawai’i!

It was not an easy walk to the peak for most of us, but the goal of being able to eat lunch at the peak gave us motivation to persevere through the pain and in the end it was worth it.

The knowledge we gained from the trip will be transformed into an informative report in relation to our upcoming internal.

A big thank you to Mr Thomas, Mr Cartwright and Mrs Nand for taking us on this trip and giving us the knowledge required to (hopefully) pass with flying colours!

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