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Year 13 Dance show

The Year 13 choreographic showcase titled ‘Turbulence’, was a massive deal for the year 13’s as it was our last time performing dance on the Rutherford stage.  We were tasked to ‘choreograph a dance to realise a concept’ as part of our 3.1 standard, and used the theme of ‘Peace and Protest’ to help stimulate our choreography.  Each choreographer chose a particular peace and protest movement from history to research, extract and choreograph.  Topics ranged from the Korean War to Parihaka, escaping Gloriavale to 1950’s American segregation.

The Year 13’s, along with the Year 12 dance class as well as some year 11 dance students performed in these pieces as part of their repertoire standard.  Leading up to the show night, on Thursday, 13 September 2018, all of the dance students worked tirelessly to clean, polish and drill their pieces of dance, while also devoting time to other pieces they were dancing in.  Choreographers also had to design the production technologies to support our concepts which included lighting, costume and music.  It was full of dance, which is something that many of these students dream of doing after they leave school!

For me, it was very overwhelming experience.  Showcasing something that I made in front of an audience, was stepping out of my comfort zone and even though all the choreographers struggle through it, it was such an accomplishment to see our works on the stage.  We were all proud of our works and our dancers that night!

It was also the end of an era for the Year 13’s as the stage and dance rooms have been our homes for most of our five years here at Rutherford.  Performing dance on the stage for the last time was very tough, but it’s only a stepping stone for where we are about to go onto next. We couldn’t have done it without the help and dedication of all the dancers in our pieces – thank you so much for bearing with us and learning about what dance is all about.

Thank you to Mrs Chandra and the cultural committee for always promoting our shows and doing the behind the scenes work!  Thank you to Mr Thompson and the tech boys for lighting us up and setting up the sounds so that our dances can be beautifully showcased the way they deserve.  “Year 13’s, it’s been the best journey with you guys and I can’t wait to see where we all go from here”.  The biggest thank you to Miss Exeter, without you none of this could be possible and we are ever so grateful to have had you teaching us for the past five years.   There aren’t enough words to contain our gratitude towards you.

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