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Year 9 and Chinese Classes Buddhist Temple Visit

As part of our kaupapa, philosophy to develop global open minded citizens we will be visiting a Buddhist Temple on Wednesday, 1 May.

The purpose of this opportunity is to encourage students to learn more about other cultures and belief systems. We believe that our students will develop a raised awareness of different cultures that are part of our local and Auckland community. We will also highlight similarities to what we reinforce as being important within our own school context.  We will be making express links in the visit to our Rutherford College values base of

Kairangi _- Excellence

Manakatangi – Responsibility

Pono – Integrity and

Whakaute – Respect

Within the Buddhist faith there is reference to the Three acts of goodness (3 ‘G’s)

  1. Do good deeds which links closely to our Rutherford mantra of ‘At Rutherford we value little acts of human kindness.”
  2. Speak Good words and links closely to the mantra that at Rutherford if we have nothing good to say we say or post nothing.
  3. Think good thoughts. (Positive attitude and outlook focus).

There will also be a chance for students to learn of the four acts of giving (4‘G’s)

Give others;

  1. Confidence
  2. Joy
  3. Hope
  4. Convenience
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