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Year 9 Auckland Champion Rock Climber

The final Auckland Interschools Rock Climbing round for the year was held this weekend:

Year 10 student Tyra Ibbott won the series and is the 2019 Auckland Girls Champion for the under 16-year age group: Rutherford College has another Auckland Champion in its ranks.

To say an incredible year and effort by her is an understatement, She is in an incredibly competitive division. This year she started as the one who was always being slightly pipped by the smallest of margins and through determination, training, and a tangible new drive and motivation became the one who improved to become the young lady with the mental toughness to come out on top.

Auckland Inter-schools tournament is unlike any other event, most competitions and placing run on a single event, whereas this is a series of four events, with each result and placing counting towards the final championship result. This year the competition across the board has been so close that one bad event put a competitor out of the running.

To detail how close this year has been, Tyra is one of five girls who have been chopping and changing places all year and they were all still fighting it for out for their final placings on the very last climb of the year. Tyra held her nerve and won her title with the difference being less than 4 seconds or one handhold to second place. In the sport of climbing 10 meters in the air, those are the smallest of margins and toughest moments.

A monster effort by Tyra and a great example of what strength of character can achieve.
Great Work Tyra!

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