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Year 9 STARS Camp

At the beginning of August, we were extremely lucky to be able to take the year 9 students to experience camp at Camp Adair. Little did we know that a week later we would then enter another lockdown.

The camp having been initially postponed due to the first lockdown went ahead with the first six-year 9 classes attending for the first 3 days and then the final five classes coming in for the last 3 days.

It was great to have the trails open again for us to tramp into the camp from the Hunua falls. It is a great way to start the camp and having great weather was an added bonus.

All of the students had a wonderful experience and the peer mentors stepped easily into their role as leaders. It is always great to see students achieving things that they never thought that they were able to do, such as conquering heights, wading through mud and swinging from ropes. The mud slide was a hit as always, even in the middle of winter.

They year 9 students now are looking forward to going back to the camp in a few years time as peer mentors and to experience camp on a different level.

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