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Z Club

On Sunday the 12th March at the Novotel Hotel in Greenlane. Rutherford was well represented by four students – Sanskruti Patel, Rhiannon Lawford, Hayley Whittaker, and Pablo Villasensor. It was a conference for women of Zonta who are passionate and involved in making womens’ lives more equitable and raising their status.

The three Auckland Z clubs were invited to speak, McLeans and Rutherford accepted. Sanskruti was asked to speak on the shape of women throughout the last 125 years in NZ parliament. Sanskruti gave a very articulate, informative and entertaining speech with a positive response from the audience.

She talked about womens suffrage and women like Kate Sheppard and Elizabeth McCombs that catalysed the acceptance of women in parliament as well as of more recent politicians such as Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern who have normalised women in power and given inspiration to many young women who are hoping to do the same.

Written by Sue Devitt

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